Why should a low CRS score not dishearten you?

A low CRS score needn’t end your Canada immigration chances

Do low CRS scores give you nightmares about missing the flight to Canada? Well, it turns out, that low CRS scores have no reason to stop you from submitting your Express Entry profile.

In the recent Canada immigration draws you must have noticed that majority of the candidates that received invitations to apply for Canada PR had CRS scores above 460. But that shouldn’t worry you from entering our profile in the Express Entry system. Here’s why.

First, let’s understand how the Express Entry system works for you. The Express Entry system has space for profiles where your profile gets added after you submit your profile. The Express Entry system takes profiles of candidates like you for federal skilled worker immigration programs namely FSTP, FSWP, and CEC.

Your profile in the Express Entry pool gets ranked by considering factors like education, skilled work experience, age, and language proficiency in English/French. The higher your score, the better your chances get at being selected sooner in immigration draws.

So, entering the Express Entry pool by satisfying the basic criteria is in itself a booster to your chances at Canada immigration. But it’s seen that Express Entry thresholds fluctuate and hence demonstrate unpredictability. So, even the low CRS score that you think you got could eventually help you get an ITA for a Canada PR visa.

If you can be a little patient, even with your low CRS scores, you can get to the point where the threshold meets your level. Or you could improve your scores, which could include steps like retaking the language test getting additional training, gaining more work experience, or study or work in Canada.

Getting a job in Canada while your profile rests in the Express Entry pool can increase your CRS score which in turn will mean a greater chance of immigrating to Canada.

Besides a direct federal selection, provincial immigration programs like the PNP also give you the opportunity to immigrate to Canada even with a low CRS score. When provincial immigration streams align with Express Entry, and candidates like you get nominated to work and settle in a Canadian province, you get a distinct advantage. Your CRS score gets an extra 600 points which increases your chances of immigration to Canada.

So, for example, your CRS score is 213, and you got extra 600 points via nomination by a Canadian province, your CRS turns out to be 813. That often would be enough to be selected to Canada as a permanent resident.

Now, do you feel more confident about your chances at Canada immigration even with a not-so-big CRS score? Then go ahead and upload a profile to the Express Entry system. Just make the right moves consulting with an expert immigration consultant.

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CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System

PR – Permanent Residence

FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program

FSTP – Federal Skilled Trades Program

CEC – Canadian Experience Class

ITA – Invitation to Apply

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