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australia parent visa

The Australian Govt. has announced that it will start accepting applications for the new Parent Visa from 2019. The Migration Amendments Bill (Family Violence and Other Measures) was passed by the Federal Senate in November 2018. This Bill paved the way for the much-awaited temporary sponsored Parent Visa.

David Coleman, Immigration Minister, said that the new Visa will help reunite migrant families in Australia. He added that this Visa will provide a route for parents and grandparents of migrants to visit their families in Australia.

The new temporary sponsored Parent Visa will allow parents of migrants to live in the country for up to 5 years. Applicants can choose between a 3-year visa and a 5-year visa. A 3-year Visa will cost $5,000 and a 5-year Visa will carry a Visa fee of $10,000, as per SBS News. The Visa would be renewable for up to another 5 years at the same cost. Migrants in Australia, however, have spoken against the exorbitant visa fee.

Applying for this temporary sponsored Parent Visa would be a two-step process. The sponsor in Australia will need to act as a financial guarantor. They will also be required to pay any healthcare debt in the event of a medical emergency.

The sponsor in Australia will first need to submit a sponsorship application. The sponsor would be assessed by the Govt, and if approved, may proceed to lodge the Parent Visa.

Parent Visa applicants would be required to get health insurance from an Australian provider. In the event of a healthcare debt, the sponsor would be required to pay off the debt despite the huge Visa fee. This would include hospital and aged care fees and any other public health debts.

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