Top 5 changes that you will see in Australian immigration in 2019


The Australian immigration system has been dynamic. Here are the top 5 changes that you will see in Australian immigration in 2019:

  1. South Australia visa for startup entrepreneurs

South Australia will launch a new visa for startup entrepreneurs. This visa will be different than the existing Business and Innovation Visa. The startup entrepreneur visa does not need funding arrangement like other entrepreneur visas. Eligible applicants will need to submit a strong business proposal to the state for this visa. The English requirement for this visa is low; just a score of 5 on each band will suffice.

  1. The launch of a new Parent Visa

Australia will launch a new temporary sponsored Parent Visa for parents of overseas immigrants. The quota for this visa will be around 15,000 per year. The validity of the Parent Visa may range from 3 to 5 years. These Visas would be renewable for up to 10 years. A 3 year Parent Visa would cost $5,000 and a 5-year visa would cost $10,000, as per SBS News.

  1. Processing times for Partner Visas would be longer

The Family Violence Bill was passed by the Australian Senate in November 2018. As per the new Bill, the sponsorship application would need to be first approved before lodging the Partner Visa. This would mean stringent scrutiny for sponsors and Partner Visa applicants. The additional scrutiny will result in longer processing times for Partner Visas.

  1. Increase in fund requirement for international students

International students coming to Australia will now need to show funds up to $20,290. If you include your spouse or partner in the application, you will need an additional $7,100. In the case of children, you will need to show $3,040 for each child included in the application.

  1. Australia will ensure employer-sponsored migrants are paid what they are due

In 2019, the Dept. of Home Affairs will take strong action against companies underpaying employer-sponsored overseas workers. In doing so, it will partner with the Australian Taxation Office. The Dept. will gather tax files of Subclass 457 and Subclass 482 holders. They will match them with their current tax records to ensure the migrants are paid the right amount.

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