What is the International Experience Canada Program?

International Experience Canada Program

International Experience Canada is a program that allows foreign youth to travel and work in Canada. There are accredited organizations in Canada that support and guide these applicants who wish to live and work in Canada. They do so through the Canada Work Visa under the International Experience Canada Program.

There are private firms in Canada which have been authorized by the Govt. to provide these services. These services are helpful for applicants who require additional assistance. It helps them to prepare their application for a Work Visa and also to settle down in the country.

Applicants who have an employer-specific Accredited Organization are exempted from their country’s quota. Even if your country exceeds the quota for the IEC Work Visas, an Accredited Organization can still assist you. However, it is mandatory that the applicants meet all the requirements of the IEC Program. The processing time of their application is similar to normal visa applications, as per CIC News.

Even if your country is not on the list of participating countries in the IEC, an Accredited Organization can still help you. You can still apply for a regular Work Visa provided you meet the requirements.

Canada modified its list of Accredited Organizations on 4th December 2018. It also added information regarding applications being received by these organizations from specific countries. This included India, the USA, Pakistan, Uganda, Singapore, Ecuador, Iceland, Brazil, and China.

An Accredited Organization offers services to and from countries that have a Youth Mobility Agreement with Canada. There are conditions that the applicants from these countries need to fulfil.

In some cases, Accredited Organizations are allotted nomination quotas for Work Visas. However, these are for streams that are not a part of the Youth Mobility Agreement. The maximum validity for participation in such cases is 2 years.

You can apply for a Canada Work Visa under the IEC Program in the following streams:

  • Young Professionals
  • International Co-op
  • Working Holiday

There are 9 Accredited Organizations that offer assistance under the IEC Program. They are:

  • AIESEC Canada
  • Go International Work and Travel Providers
  • International Rural Exchange
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Stepwest
  • Swap Working Holiday
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of New Brunswick


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