Immigration gets positive reviews from many in Canada

Canada immigration survey

Canada immigration is getting a lot of appreciation and is claimed to be the major reason for its cultural, economic, and social development. For decades, Canada has been increasingly supportive of immigration and keen to develop great opportunities for migrants to settle, study, and work in Canada.

Today, more Canadians are happy with current levels of immigration. They look at immigrants as contributory to the Canadian economy. The immigrants are not treated as threats to the Canadian job markets. Also, immigrants are considered essential to growing the country’s population.

A recent survey conducted by the Environics Institute also revealed that many Canadians reject the idea that a large number of immigrants aren’t legitimate. They also don’t agree that too many immigrants aren’t adopting Canadian values. The belief that immigration in fact creates a better country is widely prevalent. Immigrants make Canada a multicultural and more diverse country to live in.

The Environics Institute is a non-profit organization that works to promote original social research on issues of social change and public policy.

They have found that 66% of Canadians don’t think that immigration in Canada is too high. Also, over 56% of the survey’s respondents agree that Canada needs more immigration to increase the country’s population.

Those who agreed that immigrants are key to the economic development of Canada came to 84%. Also, 78% of Canadians disagree that immigrants take away jobs from Canadians.

The findings of the survey indicate that there’s an increasing public consensus that supports immigration. It shows more people agreeing that Canada’s economy depends on making space for newcomers through their migration overseas.

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