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Posted on September 22 2020

Good business is back in Australia, Subclass 188 recommenced

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

The Australian government has received appreciation from business houses for recommencing the Subclass 188 visas. This has shown how through immigration Australia has addressed the concerns of businesses and the needs of the economy.

The Subclass 188 visa or the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa is meant for those with business skills. If you are interested in doing business in Australia, this visa can help you by enabling you to:

  • Operate an existing business in Australia or a new one
  • Stay in Australia for a period of up to 4 years and 3 months
  • Bring your eligible family members along with you to Australia
  • Apply for a Subclass 888 visa, also called Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa by meeting stipulated requirements

With the recommencement of Subclass 188 visas, great support will be extended to Australian businesses and entrepreneurs who want to operate a business in Australia. The lack of availability of investment from domestic capital will now be countered. The Subclass 188 visa will attract international investors and entrepreneurs. This makes for an important proposition for the country to recover and advance economically in a post-pandemic era.

Companies like Atlas Advisors Australia has already seen a considerable increase from migrant investors boasting high net worth. They come from destinations like Hong Kong. Businessmen like these are rich and highly experienced entrepreneurs. They can bring great benefits to the Australian economy.

It only takes the right environment and support from Australia. It can create the best of collaborative opportunities arising from business migration overseas. That will mutually benefit Australia and its business migrants.

If you are looking to Study, Work, Visit, Invest or Migrate to Australia, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Company.

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