Statistics Canada gives out a positive message on immigrants

Immigrant workers in Canada boost businesses

Statistics Canada has some uplifting news for immigrants willing to arrive and work in Canada. It’s been found that there is a directly proportional growth in productivity with an increase in the number of immigrants.

The study done by Statistics Canada assessed the impact of immigration on productivity in Canadian companies. Individual firms were tracked over a period of time. Immigration’s impact on overall levels of productivity, business profits, and wages of workers were assessed.

The study results found that the share of immigrants working in a company can fluctuate at a rate of 15% increase to 15% in decrease. Moreover, it was found that there’s a positive relation between the rise in the proportion of foreign workers and the growth in the productivity of the business. A similar effect is seen in business profits and workers’ wages.

The longer the period used to measure changes, the larger the effect of immigration on productivity. A 10% increase in the proportion of immigrants was found to create a 1.9% increase in the productivity of the business. This is relatively small as Statistics Canada puts it.

But for individual businesses that experience a huge increase in the proportion of immigrant workers, a substantial contribution comes as a result.

The impact on the productivity of business was more significantly seen in the case of low-skilled/less-educated immigrant workers. This was evident when compared to high-skilled/university-graduated immigrant workers. The differences were noted particularly in industries that are technology-intensive and knowledge-based.

Businesses are largely found to take advantage of the fact related to immigrant workers. Immigrant workers are complementary to native workers. They bring the advantages of added skills and specialization. Thus, they contribute more to business expansion and effective division of labour.

Thus, Canada immigration opens up opportunities to skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers. That will ultimately help Canadian businesses reap benefits.

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