How can you get a Travel Visa in 2019?

travel visa

A Travel Visa is a document which allows you to arrive in a particular country and live there for a stipulated amount of time. Countries usually have a wide range of Visas like Tourist Visa, Student Visa, Work Visa etc. Hence, it is important that you identify your purpose of requesting a Visa before you apply for one.

The common thing about all the Visas is that they take time to be processed. So your overseas trip should be planned well in advance. You should also apply for the suitable visa and wait until it is processed. You will also need to complete the visa application form and submit all the supporting documents well in time. This can avoid any possible delays in the processing of your Visa application.

Most nations in the world welcome tourism. They make all possible efforts to ensure that it is easy for tourists to arrive in their country. Some Govt.’s, however, believe that they should safeguard their citizens and also their way of life. Thus, they try to limit the number of foreign influences which could affect their way of life. This also includes foreign travellers who they believe could create problems in their country.

When planning an overseas tour, start by checking first on the Home Affairs website of your country. You will be able to confirm whether you need a Travel Visa or not for the country that you are planning to travel to. The Home Affairs website will have precise information on the visa requirements for that country, as per FTN News.

Non-European nations like Brazil, Vietnam, China etc. require you to obtain a Visa irrespective of your period of stay. If you are a US passport holder, many European nations will allow you to visit for 90 days without a Visa.

Check out the Immigration Website of a country if it requires a Travel or Tourist Visa. You will be able to download the necessary application forms from the website. You may submit them online or by mail after taking printouts. You may also be able to hand deliver them in case you reside near the Consulate. You will also need to pay the Visa fee which usually ranges between $50 and $200. However, you need to confirm the same before making the payment.

Once you submit your Visa application, the Consulate will process the same. If your application is successful, you will be mailed your Visa which needs to be attached to the passport. The processing time may range from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the country.

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