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Posted on August 13 2022

Europe’s most first-residence visas in 2021 was to work, live in Poland

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of

  • Poland issued the highest number of employment-related first residence permits in 2021 for migrants to live in Poland.
  • There were 790,100 people who received the permit, representing 27% of the total number of permits issued in the EU member states.
  • Agreements with Ukraine played a major role in the number of permits issued.

Eurostat has issued a report that revealed that Poland issued the highest number of employment-related first residence permits in 2021. There was a total of 790,100 permits which made up 27% of the total number of all permits issued in EU member states.

Eurostat, the European Office for Statistics, revealed the main reason that Poland ended up issuing the largest number of permits issued in 2021. The reason was the agreements the country made with Ukraine leading to 666,300 citizens arriving there. The number of permits issued to Ukrainians constituted 87% of Ukrainians’ first residence employment-related permits issued in 2021.

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Other nations that issued the highest number of permits for family-related reasons were the following:

  • Spain – 159,200 (5% of total permits)
  • Italy – 120,500 (4% of total permits)
  • France – 90,600 (3% of total permits)

Poland also became the top country in the EU bloc for the issuance of residence permits for other reasons to live in Poland. These include protection (120,500 permits - 4% of the total permits issued in 2021).

Austria accounted for 52% of the total number of permits issued for other reasons at a national level. This was 40% for Germany (excluding permits issued for employment, family reunions, and education).

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Why is Poland an ideal place to move to?

  • You will find Polish people very friendly.
  • It’s easier to find a well-paying job in Poland when compared to other countries in Europe. Functional knowledge of the Polish language along with job-related skills will be good enough to work in Poland. Knowledge of the English, French, and/or German language will be a big advantage.
  • Renting or buying an apartment in a city like Warsaw or Krakow is much cheaper than in other big European cities like Berlin or Paris.
  • It’s easy to travel to other major European countries from Poland. These countries include Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and the Baltic countries.
  • The infrastructure in Poland, including roads and urban infrastructure, is of high quality.
  • It’s easier to get legal status in Poland with various programs for immigration via education, work, and family reunion.

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Highest-paying occupations in Poland in 2022

Occupation group Average annual salary
Aviation & Shipping 486,312 PLN
Health Care & Medical 293,870 PLN
Management & Business 283,455 PLN
Architect Constructions 254,476 PLN
Insurance 247,231 PLN
Automobile 237,722 PLN
Properties & Real Estates 230,024 PLN
Finance & Banking 199,687 PLN
Law 199,687 PLN
Engineers & Technicians II 194,706 PLN
IT & Programming 188,819 PLN
Manufacturing 171,613 PLN
Media 169,801 PLN
Human Resources 163,009 PLN
Hotels & Tourism 159,387 PLN
Fashion 158,934 PLN

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