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Posted on July 25 2022

Want to work in Europe? 1.2 million jobs open now in travel & tourism

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of 1.2 million job openings in Europe

  • 2 million job openings in the tourism & travel sector are now open and European nations need to fill them fast.
  • The pressure to fill mounting job vacancies in tourism and travel sector opens opportunities for foreigners to work in Europe.
  • The EU countries must do enough to attract large number of foreign workers to return to the tourism industry.

It’s summer vacations and the rush of travelers to visit Europe from all over the world is at its peak. The major concern however is the shortage of people to work in Europe in its tourism and travel sector. It’s calling for more foreign workers and has opened up over a million job openings for those who are interested to work in Europe in this industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic did shake up the tourism and travel industry. As it happened with a lot of countries in the world that are tourism hubs, Europe also saw workers in this industry leave and hesitate to return. This continued even after the pandemic came under control. So many foreign workers were lured by the possibilities in remote work. Thus, getting migrants physically at work became harder than ever.

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The hospitality industry has a high demand for workers on location. It’s important now for Europe to assure and charm the foreigners back at the vacant jobs in the industry. For those who are looking for the opportunity, this is the chance!

The WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) and the ETC (European Travel Commission) has already made EU countries aware of an emergency. Filling 1.2 million jobs in the travel and tourism industry is a vital move to make for the EU. In short, the recovery of this industry in Europe now rests in the hands of foreign workers. These are workers who are willing to arrive in Europe and take up the vacant positions. They must be recruited at the earliest.

Best measures to increase foreign worker intake in Europe’s travel & tourism industry

A call for the government and private sector to come together was made by WTTC and ETC. It was to provide the best opportunities to people from abroad in the travel and tourism industry has already been made. The WTTC and ETC have put forward a six-point measures list. This list is for the private sector to implement to rope in foreign workers ready to get employed in Europe. Those measures are as follows:

  • Bring about labor mobility within European countries as well as across borders. Make collaboration at every level stronger, providing work permits and visas.
  • Let foreign workers get flexible and remote working options wherever feasible. This must be especially so in cases where travel restrictions still make it impossible for them to move freely across borders.
  • Ensure that workers get decent work. Provide them social security nets. Offer them opportunities for career growth – with work that's fair, safe, meaningful, and productive. With this the attractiveness of the sector as a choice of career is reinforced leading to retention of new talent.
  • Conduct upskilling and reskilling exercises for the talent in the industry. Offer training comprehensively as well as creatively to arm the workforce with new and better skills.
  • Do the needful to create and promote education as well as apprenticeships. Back it up with policies that are proven effective. Bring about collaboration of the public and private sectors that support educational programs and training based on apprenticeship.
  • Adopt technological and digital solutions that are innovative. Use them to bring about improvement in daily operations. Improve border security and mobility too. Thus, ensure safe and seamless travel and customer experience that’s enhanced in quality.

If you are willing to work in Europe, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE.

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