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Posted on August 12 2022

Immigration laws changes help get foreigners to work in Portugal

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

News/Blog highlights

  • Immigration changes will bring an easier process to recruiting foreign workers to work in Portugal.
  • Faster and easier temporary work visas in Portugal will help those looking for opportunities for jobs in Portugal.
  • As per the reform, foreign workers will get a temporary 120-day work visa, extendable by 60 days.
  • The new reform of the law was passed in July 2022 and came to force on August 4, 2022.

EU member nations are places full of opportunities for skilled foreign workers to live and work. Fortunately, most of these countries need more skilled foreign workers. Portugal is one of those countries. There are so many opportunities to work in Portugal that you as a prospective foreign worker can aim for. The latest development in Portugal will help you gain valuable work experience in Europe.

Portugal is a major EU member state that is in need of many skilled foreign workers. To meet the labor requirement, the country has taken new steps to improve the immigration process. A new reform in the country’s immigration law makes it easier to conduct foreign worker recruitment.

What’s the reformed immigration law about?

The new reform was proposed by the Portuguese parliament in July 2022 and came to force on August 4, 2022. The proposal got support with the majority vote.

Foreigners who are ready to work in Portugal will be granted a temporary visa with 120-day validity. The visa holders will have the option to extend the visa by 60 days under the new immigration laws.

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The significance of the new reforms

As per an IMF report published in 2020, the tourism sector of Portugal was the third most affected in the world by the COVID-19 pandemic. Considering that, it’s evident why the country is in need of approximately 50,000 additional employees to contribute to the country’s economic recovery.

Ana Catarina Mendes, the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, stated that Portugal requires immigrants owing to its economy, demographics, and culture. The modification of the country’s immigration law is expected to benefit Portugal’s tourism sector in particular.

The simplification of the procedures of immigration was the focus of the agreement among the CPLC (Community of Portuguese Language Countries) even before, as per ANSA. This was to facilitate the movement of workers and students amongst EU member states.

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How will it benefit you?

Foreign nationals who are seeking a job outside their country will benefit from this reform. Obtaining a new work visa will be easier. If you are a digital nomad, this new reform will help you to work remotely while moving to new places in Portugal.

With the modified law, persons who hold a driving license issued by a country that’s a member state of the OECD and the CPLP are now allowed drive in Portugal. They don’t have to change their existing driving license and take a Portuguese one.

Citizens of countries whose driving licenses are now recognized are allowed to drive in Portugal. They can use their original driving license irrespective of the fact that they hold a Portuguese residence permit.

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Why work in Portugal?

  • Portugal features a low cost of living.
  • Career advancement is a huge prospect in Portugal.
  • The culture and nightlife are rich in Portugal.
  • You have great scope for outdoor activities. There are beaches, amazing landscapes, and serene natural spaces in Portugal.

Influence of the new reform

Following the reforms in the Portuguese immigration law, Spain has also eased their requirements for work permits for foreign nationals. Spain also has introduced new measures to its immigration regulations making it easier for foreign workers to work in the country. These measures include simplification of the process to apply for a work permit for certain applicants.

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