How much your Overseas Education will cost in Montreal, Canada?


Montreal recently made it to the news for wanting to retain international students who graduate from the city. A campaign called “Je Choisis Montreal” (“I choose Montreal” in English) has emerged in the region. It is to help international students live, work and immigrate to the largest city in Canada’s Québec province.

As reported by Study International News, their aim is to make sure talented people having a degree from Québec stay there. It will improve their economy. Montreal is ranked as the 4th best student city across the globe. It’s no wonder why even students prefer migrating to this city for Overseas Education.

However, students often hesitate to take this big step because of the costs involved. Let’s have a look at the same.

●  Visa

To pursue a degree from Montreal, students will need a Canadian study permit. It is required for courses longer than six months. The cost is approximately CA$150 including extensions.

●  Tuition fees

The cost to study in Québec is usually lesser than elsewhere in North America. For instance, a Master’s degree costs approximately CA$8,186 per session. A PhD costs CA$7,348 per session.

Hence, it can be seen the tuition fee for Overseas Education in Montreal is not abnormal.

●  Accommodation

The rent prices in Montreal used to be low. However, they are now on the rise. Rent prices have increased by 13 percent in 2017. For a one bedroom unit, students will have to pay an average of CA$1,350. While for two bedroom unit it is CA$1,660.

●  Food

For food, the budget should be around CA$350 per month. Goods and services tax and the Québec sales tax are collected on most consumer goods and services.

●  Transport

Montreal is called the haven for cyclists. It is wise to invest in a new or used bike. It will cost around CA$300. Whereas, a monthly ticket for public transport costs CA$83.

●  Entertainment

One cannot avoid festivals in the second largest city in Canada. Some like Osheaga cost CA$115 for general admission. Other entertainment options like movies will cost approximately CA$26 for two persons.


Therefore, students now have an idea of how much their Overseas Education would cost in Montreal. Nevertheless, it is essential to mention here that clothing and books for courses usually require large sums of money. Hence, plan accordingly before packing your bags!

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