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Posted on December 24 2022

Canada Job Trends - Sales Engineer, 2023-24

By Editor
Updated September 13 2023

Why work in Canada as a Sales Engineer?

  • Canada has over 1 million job vacancies and more are being added
  • The average annual salary for a Sales Engineer in Canada is 104,646 CAD.
  • Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan have good job opportunities for Sales Engineers.
  • The highest pay for a Pharmacist in Canada is 88,080 CAD.
  • There are 13 immigration pathways for Sales Engineers in Canada.

About Canada

Canada is among the largest countries concerning the territorial area in the world. It is the 2nd largest country. Despite its large size, it has less population compared to other countries in the world.

Even though there are fewer individuals in Canada, they have set up a multicultural society, which is an inspiration for many other countries. They welcome foreign nationals from other regions. Additionally, Canada is rich in natural resources and exports them. The intellectual capital that Canada has to offer is unparalleled.

The small population is a hindrance in sustaining a stable and booming economy. To resolve the shortage in the workforce due to the small population and sustain the Canadian economy, IRCC or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada implement policies. The aim of the policies is to increase the population by welcoming immigrants. It has released the Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025. The details are given below.

Vacancies in various sectors in Canada
Sector Number of job vacancies
Healthcare and Social Assistance 1,59,500
Accommodation and Food Services 1,52,400
Retail Trade 1,17,300
Professional Scientific and Technical Services 61,900
Manufacturing 76,000

Job trends in Canada, 2023

Canada has a significant proportion of the population high academic qualifications than any other country in the G7. An educated workforce is essential for feasible economic growth.

Also, educational qualifications help in getting more scores in the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. It helps in boosting the chances of getting a Canada PR visa. The required skills for work coupled with education are attractive factors for immigrants to move to Canada.

The inclusion of immigrants into the Canadian workforce will aid in addressing the shortage. A survey found that 80% of Canadian employers sought immigrants while hiring skilled workers.

The sectors facing shortages in the workforce and the job vacancies in those sectors are given below:

Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025
Year No. of new immigrants
2023 82,880
2024 1,09,020
2025 1,14,000

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Sales Engineer, TEER code - 62100

Sales Engineers are responsible to sell a broad range of technical services and goods, like in the fields of:

  • Science
  • Agriculture
  • Industries
  • Electrical
  • Computer services
  • Telecommunications services
  • Government services
  • Industrial and commercial establishments

They are hired by establishments that manufacture technical services and goods, like:

  • Industrial equipment manufacturing companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Hydroelectric companies
  • Computer services firms
  • Grain elevators

They can also be self-employed sales specialists or agents who offer their services to other organizations.

The job duties of Sales Engineers are given below:

  • Manage and enhance sales relationships with clients
  • Identify and seek potential clients
  • Evaluate the needs of clients, assist or recommend during the selection process of suitable goods or services, and parley prices or sales terms
  • Offer input for the design of the product where goods or services must be customized to meet the client's needs
  • Formulate sales proposals, presentations, or other materials to show the benefits of the usage of goods and services
  • Evaluate costs of installation and maintenance of equipment or service
  • Prepare and manage sales contracts and keep customer records
  • Discuss with clients after sales to address problems and offer support
  • Resolve technical problems concerned to equipment
  • Formulate and maintain technical products or service knowledge to describe features to clients, and answer their queries
  • Develop, apply, and report the sales strategies to fulfill business goals
  • Evaluate market conditions and activities of competitors
  • Create awareness of upcoming trends and markets
  • Offer training in the functioning and maintaining equipment
  • Supervise the activities of sales specialists and other technical staff

The job titles held by Sales Engineers are:

  • Communication equipment sales representative
  • Aircraft sales representative
  • Construction equipment sales representative
  • Heavy equipment sales representative
  • Electricity sales representative
  • Industrial supplies sales representative
  • Software sales representative
  • Medical instruments sales agent
  • Technical sales supervisor
  • Technical sales representative
  • Technical support specialist - wholesale trade

Prevailing wages of Sales Engineer in Canada

The average annual income of a Sales Engineer in Canada is 55,334 CAD.

The highest income of Sales Engineers in Canada is 88,080 CAD, whereas the lowest income is 40,000 CAD.

The income of Sales Engineer in various provinces and territories of Canada are given in the table below.

Income of Sales Engineers in Canada
Community/Area Annual Income (in CAD)
Alberta 60,000
British Columbia 56,314
Manitoba 55,392
New Brunswick 46,080
Newfoundland and Labrador 49,843
Northwest Territories NA
Nova Scotia 46,694
Nunavut NA
Ontario 56,813
Prince Edward Island 41,530
Quebec 47,366
Saskatchewan 60,000
Yukon Territory NA

Eligibility Criteria for Sales Engineer

The eligibility criteria for a Sales Engineer are given below:

  • A degree or diploma from a college or university in a program related to the service or product is required.
  • Work experience in technical or sales occupations related to the service or product is required.
  • Proficiency in a foreign language, foreign work, or travel experience is required for a Sales Engineer seeking job roles in companies that are involved in the international trade of technical goods and services.
  • Sales Engineers require experience in the field of technical sales

Sales Engineer - Number of vacancies in Canada

The job prospects for Sales Engineers in Canada are given below:

Job Prospects for Sales Engineers in Canada
Location Job prospects
Alberta Moderate
British Columbia Moderate
Manitoba Good
New Brunswick Good
Newfoundland and Labrador Good
Northwest Territories Undetermined
Nova Scotia Moderate
Nunavut Undetermined
Ontario Good
Prince Edward Island Moderate
Quebec Good
Saskatchewan Good
Yukon Territory Undetermined

How can a Sales Engineer migrate to Canada?

There are multiple immigration pathways for Sales Engineers to Canada. Some of them are:

  1. Express Entry System
  2. Provincial Nominee Program
  3. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  4. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Detailed information about the immigration pathways is given below.

  1. Express Entry

Express Entry is the most popular, convenient, and efficient immigration pathway to Canada as a permanent resident.

Applying under Express Entry facilitates the candidate to participate in other programs for immigration such as the Provincial Nominee Program.

If the candidate expresses their interest in PNP in their Express Entry profile, they have an opportunity to boost their chances of successful immigration.

There are 3 major programs facilitated by Express Entry that a candidate can apply to based on their requirements. They are:

  • FSWP and Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • FSTP or Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • CEC or Canadian Experience Class
  1. PNP or Provincial Nominee Program

PNP or Provincial Nominee Program streams are an essential part of the immigration policies of Canada, with around 250,000 individuals expected to acquire Canada PR through a Provincial Nominee Program.

Provincial Nominee Programs are becoming increasingly popular as an economic immigration pathway in Canada. In the past few years, the federal government of Canada has increased annual allocations of the province for their PNPs.  It goes on to show the growing importance of the programs in the Canadian immigration system.

Some of the provinces where Sales Engineers can apply are:

  1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The AIP or Atlantic Immigration Program is a Canadian federal program for immigration that helps employers hire skilled international professionals and international students to fulfill labor needs.

The employer-oriented program follows in the footsteps of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, which was closed in 2021. Candidates in the pilot program were required to reapply to validate their permanent program.

  1. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The RNIP or Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-oriented program. It is formulated to amplify the advantages of economic immigration in smaller communities by generating a path for permanent residence in Canada for skilled foreign workers who wish to work and settle in any of the participating regions.

How can Y-Axis help a Sales Engineer to immigrate to Canada?

For trusted counseling and guidance for immigration to Canada as Sales Engineer, contact Y-Axis.

The following services are provided by Y-Axis for the best chances for immigration to Canada:

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Canada Job Trends – Sales Engineer

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