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Posted on December 05 2022

Labor Force Survey says employment in Canada up by 10,000 in November 2022

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: Employment in Canada went up by 10,000 in November 2022

  • The Labor Force Survey reveals that in November 2022, the number of employed persons in Canada increased by 10,000 (0.4 percent).
  • There was a record 69.7 percent increase in the employment rate among core working-aged immigrant women over the last five years.
  • Canada’s unemployment rate decreased by 0.1 percent to reach 5.1 percent.
  • Among the industries for which employment rose as of November 2022, were manufacturing, IT, and finance.

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The Labor Force Survey has brought out a very happening scenario regarding employment in Canada as of November 2022. In the latest Survey report, there were a lot of employment-related trends that were revealed that show how gender participation in employment in Canada has improved. Let’s walk through the report and see how the employment scenario has come to be in November 2022.

The big reveal!

Let’s start with a bird’s-eye view of the Canadian employment scene. As of November 2022, the rate of employment across Canada rose by 10,000 (0.4 percent). Canada’s national unemployment rate touched 5.1 percent. Also, Canada’s employment participation rate reached 64.8 percent this month.

Though the employment growth was not too high, the average hourly wages of workers in Canada stayed above 5 percent. This trend has been happening for six consecutive months up to November 2022. This shows that newcomers who arrive in Canada will have more employment opportunities and more earning potential.

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Cracking the numbers

Here's some information about the employment rate in Canada as of November 2022, that will help you understand the scenario even better:

Employment growth by Canadian provinces

Here is factual information about how employment growth happened in Canadian provinces.


Employment rate (percent) Unemployment rate (percent)


+0.6 3.8
Prince Edward Island -1.7


Newfoundland & Labrador -1.5



-0.8 4.4


-0.6 5.8
British Columbia -0.5


Ontario -0.4


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The gender trends

As of November 2022, among newer immigrants who came to Canada, employment rose by 0.4 percent among women aged between 25 and 54. These comprised foreign workers who were in the core working age group.

There was a record 69.7 percent increase in the employment rate among core working-aged immigrant women over the last five years. This is the highest rate of employment as of November 2022, for female immigrants of core working age in the last 16 years.

The total rate of employment among Canadians in the core working-age group increased by 0.8 percent on a year-over-year basis. It reached 84.7 percent in November 2022. This improvement was led by women in the core-aged group with 81.6 percent. Core working-aged men had an employment rate of 87.8 percent.

Employment growth by industry

The industrial sectors of insurance, finance, rental and leasing, and real estate combined had an increase in employment by 21,000 workers in November 2022. Here are various industrial sectors and the employment rates as of November 2022.


Employment rate (percent)
Retail trade





Culture & Recreation



Wholesale & Retail Trade


Professional, scientific, and technical services


What does it all mean?

It appears like it’s the best time to seek employment and take the opportunity to migrate to Canadian provinces for work. The PNPs will attract even more skilled foreign nationals to address the rising worker requirements in Canadian provinces. The permanent residency will be the most prominent option offered to foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada.

Canada is currently following an immigration system wherein the most in-demand job roles will get priority in invitations. So, find your opportunity, better your profile, and immigrate to Canada.

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