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Posted on December 06 2022

Canada Job Trends – Mechanical Engineer, 2023-24

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Why to migrate to Canada as a Mechanical Engineer?

  • Mechanical Engineers in Canada is one of the popular engineering field
  • The TEER code of mechanical engineering is 21301
  • The highest income of mechanical engineers in Canada is 95,000 CAD
  • There are 255 job vacancies for mechanical engineers in Canada, currently
  • By 2024, immigrants would constitute approximately 1.14 percent of the total Canadian population

About Canada

Canada has increased its target for welcoming international immigrants, as per the New Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024. It plans to welcome 432,000 new migrants by 2022. The detailed information for the plan is given in the table below:
2022-24 Immigration Levels Plan
Year Immigration Levels Plan
2022 431,645 permanent residents
2023 447,055 permanent residents
2024 451,000 permanent residents
Through the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024 Canada aims to:
  • Immigrants will constitute 1.14 percent of the population of Canada by 2024.
  • Boost the economic growth of Canada by the admission of 60 percent of international immigrants via Economic Class.
  • Special methods for issuing permanent residence in Canada to refugees working in the sector of health care.
  • Support global crises by offering a safe haven through humanitarian immigration programs.
  • Welcoming talented foreign nationals or those already staying in Canada by issuing Canada PR or permanent residency to temporary residents who have migrated via time-limited pathways for essential professionals.
  • Acknowledging the significance of reuniting families helps in maintaining the twelve-month processing times for partners, spouses, and children.

Job Trends in Canada, 2023

There are more than 1 million job vacancies in Canada. The employers are looking for fresh candidates and the income is generous as well. Skilled professionals are in demand too. Job vacancies are available in various fields in Canada. It is going to be a good opportunity for international individuals to seek employment in Canada and obtain Canada PR or permanent residency. The Government of Canada offers public as well as private sector employment offers for many jobs roles for its citizens as well as international applicants. The applicants should have good academic qualifications as per the job standards. The engineering companies of Canada require a verified degree in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, or any other engineering discipline. Canadian healthcare sector requires doctors with an MBBS degree, and qualified staff for nursing. The banks of Canada need individuals with Graduate Diploma in Banking. Read More: Six tech jobs in Canada you can migrate for through Ontario PNP Streams Try these: The best tips to improve your Express Entry CRS score Canadian cities among Top 10 tech markets in North America

Mechanical Engineers – 21301 TEER Code

Mechanical engineers are involved in research, designing, and developing systems and machinery for heating, power generation, air conditioning and ventilating, manufacturing, processing, and transportation. They are also responsible for activities related to assessing, installing, operating, and maintaining the mechanical systems. Individuals working as mechanical engineers have different job prospects based on the location they are working in Canada. The detailed information is given below:
Job Prospects for Mechanical Engineers in Canada
Provinces/Territories Job Prospects
Alberta Good
British Columbia Fair
Manitoba Good
New Brunswick Fair
Newfoundland and Labrador Fair
Northwest Territories Undetermined
Nova Scotia Fair
Nunavut Undetermined
Ontario Fair
Prince Edward Island Good
Quebec Good
Saskatchewan Good
Yukon Territory Undetermined

Prevailing Wages of Mechanical Engineers in Canada

The average annual income of mechanical engineers in Canada is 68,539 CAD. The highest income for mechanical engineers in Canada is 95,000 CAD whereas the least income is 51,000 CAD. The income of Mechanical Engineers in different provinces of Canada is given below:
Income of Mechanical Engineers in Canada
Province/ Territory Annual Income (in CAD)
Alberta 93,542
Saskatchewan 82,714
Ontario 80,314
Nova Scotia 76,800
New Brunswick 76,800
Quebec 74,477
Manitoba 74,458
British Columbia 72,000

Eligibility Criteria for Mechanical Engineers in Canada

The eligibility requirements for Mechanical Engineers in Canada are given below:
  • An undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering or any other related engineering field
  • A post-graduate or doctorate degree in any related engineering field
  • The license authorized by a territorial or provincial body of professional engineers for approval of engineering reports and drawings to practice as a P. Eng or Professional Engineer.
Mechanical Engineers gain the required eligibility for registration after graduating from a recognized educational program. After 3 to 4 years of work experience in the engineering field and qualifying for the examination of professional practice.

Mechanical Engineers - Number of vacancies in Canada

At present, there are 255 job vacancies available for Mechanical Engineers in Canada. The detailed information is given in the table below:
Job Vacancies for Mechanical Engineers in Canada
Location Available jobs
Alberta 19
British Columbia 30
Manitoba 6
New Brunswick 7
Nova Scotia 14
Ontario 96
Prince Edward Island 1
Québec 70
Saskatchewan 7

How can Mechanical Engineers migrate to Canada?

There are two pathways for Mechanical Engineers to migrate to Canada and obtain permanent residency or Canada PR. The two pathways are:
  • Express Entry
  • PNP or Provincial Nominee Program
Detailed information about the immigration pathways to Canada for Mechanical Engineers is given below:
  • Express Entry
Express Entry is a popular pathway authorized by the federal body of Canada. It facilitates the candidates to reside anywhere in Canada. Express Entry is a quick and efficient model formulated to address the gap of skilled professionals in Canada. The profile of the applicant registered online is assessed on the basis of points. It is known as known as CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System of points.
  • Provincial Nominee Program
The PNP or Provincial Nominee Program is issued for permanent residency in a specific province. It permits the applicant candidates to reside in the province they were nominated from. Applicants who had low CRS scores in the pool of Express Entry Pool apply for Canada PR through the Provincial Nominee Program. Each province of Canada has its own eligibility criteria. The applicant should meet the eligibility criteria to obtain the PR status.
How Can Y-Axis helps HR Professional to immigrate to Canada?
For trusted counseling and guidance for immigration to Canada as HR Professionals, contact Y-Axis. The following services are provided by Y-Axis for the best chances for immigration to Canada: Do you want to work in Canada? Contact Y-Axis, the leading Work Abroad Consultant. If you found this blog helpful, you may want to read: Vaccine requirement for Canada to be dropped for entry


Canada Job Trends – Mechanical Engineers

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