Australia offers migrants many ways to get employed, settled

Australia job opportunities

The options now open to those who are willing to work in Australia are many. There are many ways to get a job in the country that features a multi-cultural society and very immigrant-friendly.

To access any of the paths to Australia’s international recruitment will be treading on a well-established system that helps qualified and skilled people find temporary jobs and long-term residency in the country. In time, even Australian citizenship can be procured.

To get you a working visa Australia considers the following factors:

  • Your skills
  • The demand for those skills in Australia

Among the advantages of working in Australia are:

  • Excellent working culture and work environment
  • A rewarding experience for your language and social skills

Employers in Australia accept foreign workers for their jobs based on your formal qualifications as well as registration with relevant industry and professional bodies. Whether your qualification is recognized in Australia has to be checked with the relevant professional associations. But that does not rule out your opportunities to get work in a particular field.

In case your qualification isn’t readily recognized in Australia, you can take the advice of professional bodies to undergo bridging courses to scale up and even plan a career in a different direction.

Improving your basic English language in time will also increase your chances of better job opportunities and improve your rapport with the native population. Language skills can be improved through language colleges in Australia.

If applying for a job in Australia seems like a daunting task, you may use the following steps to cruise through the process smoothly.

  • Firstly, you must submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) in SkillSelect, the online visa application system of Australia’s Department of Home Affairs. After its scrutiny, you may receive an invitation to apply for a skilled migration visa. While applying for the visa, you may need to submit documentation that proves your health as required by the procedure.
  • If you are going ahead with searching jobs, the following online sources could be of great utility, besides print media including local and national newspapers:

An up-to-date resume that’s relevant for Australian employers with adequate covering letters will be needed to go ahead in the selection procedure. Upon reaching the interview stage, you will need a tech tool like Skype to attend an interview online.

  • It’s more of a necessity than a choice these days to be present and active on social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. Using these channels, you can check in on the prospective companies and network with people in the same field or old employees of the organization.
  • Getting opinions and suggestions on job opportunities from friends and family is a great way to stay updated to make informed decisions. So, capitalize on contacts in Australia to move in the right direction when it comes to your career.
  • There are career days in Australia when potential employers will come looking for good candidates in schools and college campuses for various job positions. Look out for these opportunities.
  • If you are actively a part of a professional association, chances are you will be in touch with your counterparts in Australia. CA (Chartered Accountants), Australian Medical Association, Engineers Australia, and CPA (the Society of Certified Practising Accountants) are good examples in Australia. Utilize such associations to explore job opportunities and you will most probably come across a golden chance.
  • Job hunting is the way to go. Submit a general application for jobs in organizations of your choice. Make an impression by highlighting your skills and aspirations in your application that you could better address the recruitment manage or the department manager of the department you are interested in. Your proactiveness will increase the chances of getting called for a perfect job opportunity.

Australia also offers other ways to land in a job in the country.

  • International students in Australia may be eligible for a Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate Visa). If you have graduated from an Australian university qualifying for an occupation listed in the SOL (Skilled Occupations List).
  • Holding a Subclass 417 or 462 (Working Holiday Visa) being the citizen of an eligible country can help you in finding a job. You could be with an employer in Australia for a period not exceeding 6 months. The employer may sponsor you for a working visa after 6 months.
  • Business and Investor visas could help you in Australia if you are a business person. You could establish or develop businesses with investments and other criteria fulfilled as stipulated.
  • Being a skilled worker yourself, having relatives in Australia can lead to a chance for them to sponsor you and make eligible for a general skilled visa. The visa could be a pathway to a potential job opportunity in Australia.

With adequate research and inquiry, you can live and work in Australia building a career of your choice.

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