Australia makes work visa more attractive for foreign students

Australia visa changes

Australian federal government could announce changes to its post-study work visa program. The government may try to retain international students by giving them the right to work. It won’t matter if they have completed their course online from their home countries.

This decision will be significant considering the measures taken by universities to conduct online classes due to COVID-19 related restrictions. Those are making it impossible to conduct normal classes.

The Post-Study Work visa or visa Subclass 485 is a visa program for international students who have finished 2 years of study in Australia. The validity of such a visa can be from 18 months to 4 years. It depends on the circumstance the student is seeking. The temporary visa is aimed at allowing applicants to reside, work, and study in Australia.

The prevalent policy in Australia stipulates that international students must be physically present in Australia for a minimum of 16 months to finish their studies to be eligible for this visa.

The visa is a highly sought after one. The reason is that it helps them extend their stay in Australia to gain local work experience. The visa holder can even work towards their permanent residency.

The proposed changes made by the federal government include granting the right to work to international students who have completed their courses. It won’t matter if the course was done online outside Australia.

Such changes are expected to bring significant benefits for students who are stuck in their own country due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions. The closure of institutions and cancellation of classes are also reasons.

As of now, 20% of the total international students in Australia are stuck overseas. It’s encouraging for the international students that many of the country’s states are delaying their Pilot plans only to bring back students like them.

Combined with the relaxation of visa criteria, the Australian government, with its new measures, will reassure international graduates. They will be convinced of how Australia cares for and treats its overseas students.

Moreover, the Australian government is also expected to give concessions or fee waivers to students. These students are forced to stay overseas instead of doing their study in Australia.

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