All-online courses no bar for Canada’s PGWP anymore

New rule on PGWP eligibility for foreign students

The eligibility requirements for PGWP are getting further relaxed, thanks to the new decisions made by Canada. Now, an international student who completes his/her post-secondary study program completely online will be eligible for PGWP after graduation.

So, after a study in Canada for graduation, an international student will be eligible for PGWP, the open work permit with 3-year validity. This ends the rigid rule for PGWP eligibility that had refused to consider online learning as a valid study method in the context of the permit.

So, it’s going to cheer up foreign students willing to study in a Canadian university and go on to work in Canada. On the other hand, this new move by the Canadian government will ensure that they won’t lose skilled students, educated in Canadian courses, from becoming active workers contributing to the country’s economy and society.

Canada couldn’t have possibly found a better way to convey the message that the country wanted international students to study in Canada and stay on in the country as resourceful individuals helping the nation grow.

The last announcement before this one about PGWP was that it can be renewed for an additional 18 months. The PGWP holders only needed to apply for another open work visa for 18 months.

The new measure is applicable to international students who are enrolled in a study program that’s eligible for PGWP. The foreign students will have started the study program in a semester between spring 2020 and fall 2021.

Are you a student who was in the program in March 2020? Then the new measure applies to you also.

The experience gained by a PGWP holder can be a real asset while applying for a Canada PR visa via immigration pathways such as Quebec Experience Program, Express Entry, and PNP.

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PGWP – Post Graduate Work Permit

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

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