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Posted on December 01 2022

Aiming for 400,000 skilled workers to migrate to Germany; immigration eased

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: Plans to make it easier for skilled foreign workers to migrate to Germany

  • The German government has taken measures to make it easier for skilled foreign workers to migrate to Germany.
  • The aim is to meet the increasing worker shortage in German industries.
  • Germany will introduce a points system for the migration of potential immigrants who want to work in Germany.
  • Germany aims to attract 400,000 skilled and qualified workers annually from outside the country.
  • There will also be reforms in German citizenship to facilitate easier naturalization for eligible foreign residents.

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Germany has taken some very significant steps to enable skilled foreign workers to find it easier to migrate to Germany, work, and settle there. Germany, the largest economy in Europe, has its own growing necessity for skilled workers. The country finds a solution by facilitating easier migration for those interested to work in Germany.

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Foreign nationals outside the EU who have drawn a contract with an employer in Germany will now undergo certain new measures approved by the German government. These measures will allow those migrants to commence their work with their German employers immediately. Their vocational qualification will be scrutinized and recognized later.

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The German government is also keen on making it easier for youngsters from foreign countries to study in Germany or undertake vocational training. With this aim in mind, Germany will provide a points system for migration that’s unbureaucratic and transparent.

Germany’s economic distress is linked to the low birth rate in the last few decades. The demographic imbalance that occurred, as a result, is making it a challenging task for Germany to emerge strongly from current challenges following COVID and the war on Ukraine.

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What’s Germany planning?

Germany simply wants to increase the inflow of skilled foreign workers, 400,000 of them as targeted, to rev up the economy and industrial sectors.

How will Germany do it? It will mellow down immigration rules and criteria, and even overhaul its rules for citizenship. In the first half of 2023, legislation to change Germany’s citizenship rules will be presented to be passed in the German parliament.

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