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Australia Global Talent Independent Program

To help meet Australia’s talent shortage, the government created the Global Talent Independent Visa program (GTI). The GTI intends to attract tech talent and foster innovation in the country’s future-oriented businesses. There are plans to broaden the GTS visa to include the possibility of permanent residence.

The Global Talent Visa Australia offers highly qualified and talented persons from around the world a streamlined and prioritized approach to work and reside permanently in Australia.

GTI was created with the goal of bringing skilled migrants to Australia in the top future-focused professions. Highly qualified migrants in specific industries will be given priority processing for their Australian permanent permits under the new initiative.

Eligibility requirements for Australia Global Talent Visa

  • Individuals who have worked in any of the GTI’s seven future-focused fields
  • In Australia, they must earn a salary of at least $153,600 each year. (This high-income threshold changes with every financial year).
  • They must be highly qualified in their profession and able to obtain work in Australia without difficulty.
  • If they are chosen through GTI, candidates must demonstrate that they have received international recognition for their achievements and that they will help Australia using their competence.
  • Candidates must have a track record of significant professional accomplishments, such as patents, international publications, articles, professional awards, and working in senior management positions.

The top industries are:

  • Energy and Mining Technology
  • Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT
  • AgTech
  • Cyber Security
  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing
  • MedTech
  • FinTech

Other requirements

Candidates who meet the Global talent independent program’s standards must have a nominator who will recommend them for the program. The nominator must be a nationally recognized expert in his field and work in the same field as the candidate.

He can be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, a New Zealander, or a member of an Australian organization.

The nominator can be from the same university as the candidate or be his employer or an industry peer or belong to an industry body.

Reasons to choose the Global Talent Visa program

  • There is no need for a skills evaluation.
  • The minimum point requirement is not required of candidates.
  • There is no need for a state/territory nomination or company sponsorship.
  • Candidates who are 55 years old and more are eligible if they can demonstrate they can make significant economic contribution to Australia.
  • Recent PhD graduates in one of the seven priority industries may be eligible.
  • There is no occupation list for the Global Talent Visa.

Other reasons are:

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