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Germany is facing a skills shortage crisis and is looking at migrants to solve the crisis. To this end, the German government introduced the Jobseeker Visa. This visa will provide easy access to jobseekers to come to the country and look for a job here.

With this visa you can stay in Germany for six months and look for a job.

Features of this visa are:

1. You need not have a job offer from a German company to apply for this visa.

2. If you find a job in the six months you are in Germany on this visa, you can later change it to a work permit.

3. When you are looking for work with the visa, you are not allowed to work either on a self-employed basis or otherwise.

4. You are not allowed to work even if you find a job. You can do so only after Six months.

5. If you do not find a job within the six months, you will need to leave Germany immediately.

Advantages of German jobseeker visa

1. You will get six months to search for a job in Germany

2. This gives you ample time to find a job that is a fit for your skills and qualifications

3. You get the provision to apply for an EU Blue Card once you secure a job.

4. After 5 years of staying in Germany with a work visa, you will be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

To apply for this visa, you must have proof of your educational qualifications by furnishing your University Degree and proof that you have enough funds to support your duration of stay.

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As the world’s fifth largest economy Germany has always been an attractive destination for professionals seeking an international career. It is looking for skilled professionals to help build its economy. The country offers a wide range of exciting professional opportunities.

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Germany is a popular destination for students because of its universities that are ranked globally and reputed for high quality education. German universities have excellent facilities, provide research-based courses, have first-rate curriculums, funding options and a diverse student population. These advantages combined with numerous job opportunities for graduates makes it a popular destination for overseas students.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the eligibility criteria to apply for German JSV?

These are the eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a graduate
  • Have three years or more of work experience
  • Have proof that you have completed 15 years of regular education while applicants from the Mumbai or Delhi region must have 16 years of education either 4 years bachelor’s degree or 3 years bachelor’s degree with master’s degree.
  • Proficiency in English is compulsory
  • A B1 or B2 level in German though not mandatory will help you in your job search
  • Documents that prove you have enough funds for a six-month stay in Germany
  • Proof that you have arranged your accommodation for six months
Do I need to undergo IELTS / TOEFL exam for Germany JSV?

No, IELTS / TOEFL is not required.

What are the benefits of going for a German Jobseeker Visa?

1. It allows you to search for a job in a duration of six months.

2. The short processing time of under six months helps you plan your course of action.

3. The period of six months provides ample time to find a job matching your skills and qualifications.

4. Eligibility to apply for an EU Blue Card once you secure a job.

Why Job Seeker Visa?

There is a shortage of skilled workers in many sectors and professions in Germany. Especially, qualified technical workers, such as engineers and IT specialists, as well as health specialists, are in short supply. Germany Job Seeker’s Visa entitles you to stay and search for a job in the country for six months. In a country with only 7% unemployment, there is immense scope for jobs and career development.