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Do you want to study abroad and looking for the best options? How about international universities? Does this sound interesting? Then a recent list released by Times Higher Education (THE) for 2020 will be of interest to you.

The list featured the countries with most international universities in the world. THE’s list was prepared, basing their definition of ‘international’ on certain metrics. These metrics were weighted equally to prepare the list. These metrics were:

  • The proportion of international students
  • The presence of international staff
  • The university’s international reputation
  • Journal publications on the university with at least one international co-author

The listed universities have a high proportion of international students and staff. They collaborate on research with international scholars. They also have a strong global reputation that’s hard to match.

These institutions also feature diversity among students learning together on their campuses. Students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds join these institutions. They enrich the learning experience in the institution. They play a key role in promoting the idea of global citizens.

Let’s check out these countries and the international universities they are home to.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is famous for the world’s most reputed and prestigious universities and institutions. It’s only natural that the list had universities from this country topping it. The universities that made to the list are:

University of Oxford (Rank 1)

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university. It is in Oxford, England. It has a history of teaching that dates to 1096. That makes it the oldest university in the English-speaking world.  It is also the world’s second-oldest university in continuous operation.

The university topped the list with a 41% presence of international students. These students are from 140 countries.

University of Cambridge (Rank 3)

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. It is a collegiate and a public research institution. It’s the fourth oldest functioning university in the world. It boasts a history of 800 years! It’s the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world.

The university has a 37% presence of international students. In count, it comes to nearly 4,000 students. They come from over 120 countries.

Imperial College London (Rank 10)

Imperial College of London is a science-based institution. It focuses on the areas of science, engineering, medicine, and business. It was granted its charter in 1907. The institution has produced 14 Nobel Prize winners.

The university has a 56% presence of international students.

United States of America

California Institute of Technology (Rank 2)

California Institute of Technology is a world-famous science, engineering research & education institution. It’s called Caltech in short. The university has a competitive admission process.  This ensures that only a few extremely gifted students get admission in the college. It is amazing to note that its alumni and faculty have been awarded 35 Nobel Prizes.

The university has a 30% presence of international students.

Stanford University (Rank 4)

Stanford University is a prestigious university that was founded in 1885. Among the breakthroughs the university made are:

  • The first successful heart-lung transplant
  • The debut of the computer mouse
  • The development of digital music

The university enrolls students from more than 90 countries. The university recorded a 23% presence of international students.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Rank 5)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research university. It is an independent, and coeducational institution. It was established in 1861. It aims to create skilled and talented students in science, technology, and other fields of study. The university has a 34% presence of international students.

Princeton University (Rank 6)

Princeton University was founded in 1746. It is one of the most illustrious institutions for higher education. The alumni of the university have 40 Nobel laureates.

The university has a 25% presence of international students.

Harvard University (Rank 7)

The university dates to 1636. It’s the oldest university in the US. The university has 45 Nobel laureates in its alumni. 13 US presidents have honorary degrees from the institution. This includes John F. Kennedy.

The university has a 24% presence of international students.

Yale University (Rank 8)

Yale University has a history that dates to 1701. it was founded as a Collegiate School. Around one in five students at Yale is an international student. More than half of all undergraduates receive scholarships or grants from the university. The university has a 20% presence of international students.

University of Chicago (Rank 9)

The University of Chicago is an urban research university. The university encourages empowerment through learning. It shows commitment to free and open inquiry to develop brilliant minds for the world.

The university has a 28% presence of international students.

Among other countries that had institutions that were included in the list were:


University of Toronto (Rank 18)

The University of Toronto was founded in 1827. The university has seen ground-breaking scientific moments that include:

  • The discovery of insulin
  • Pioneering of stem cell research
  • The invention of the electron microscope

The university has a 21% presence of international students.


ETH Zurich (Rank 13)

ETH Zurich was established in 1855. It is today among the world’s most prestigious universities in science and technology. The institution has produced 20 Nobel Prize Laureates.

The institution has a 39% presence of international students.


National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is the country’s flagship university. It’s rated among the best in Asia. It offers a global approach to education, research and entrepreneurship. About 40,000 students from 100 countries are part of its vibrant and diverse campus community.

The institution has a 28% presence of international students.

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