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Are you a student from the UAE looking to advance your studies? Then you should explore study options in Canada. Canada holds the reputation for world-class universities and career-building courses.

Do you need new-age skills and updated knowledge? Do you want a wide range of options in professional courses and streams?

Canadian institutes conduct professional learning programs. They help you step into the job market with confidence. You will build careers in in-demand fields that will get you high earnings.

The Canada student visa is the ticket for international students like you for a bright future. You can fly to Canada and join prestigious institutes with a study permit. Canadian universities offer courses in very popular streams.  Learn these courses and empower yourself with unmatched skills. It’s a tremendous leap from doing just a graduation course.

The best thing to do is to identify the best study streams. Here are some of the streams in high demand.

Software Engineering Stream

There is a rising investment trend in favor of the technology sector in Canada. Software engineers should build and maintain software systems. The COPS (Canadian Occupational Projection System) share an important observation. They say that there has been a 50% rise in the number of employees in the past 5 years. The average salary in a software engineering stream is $90,001.

Business Administration Stream

Take a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree from a Canadian university. Then you will be eligible to work in various positions in a range of firms. These include working in payroll, market research and legal departments of businesses. One of the popular professions is Accounting. There are plenty of opportunities for graduates until 2024 in Business Administration according to COPS. The average salary in a business administration stream is $85,508.

Finance Stream

You may begin with a two-year foundational business course. Upon this, you can manage and analyze the financial aspects of any enterprise. This will include banks, businesses and more.

Once you complete graduation, you can work in a variety of financial roles. These may be market research analyst, security analyst, mortgage broker, bank manager, and portfolio manager. The average salary in the finance stream is $103,376.

Nursing Stream

In Canada, nurses are professionals who need to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Training adds up to it. An alternate way is to have a master’s degree in nursing. There is a prediction of a stable job market for nurses in Canada. This is more so as Canada has a large aging population. The average salary in the nursing stream is $84,510.

Civil Engineering Stream

There is a possible shift to large-scale heavy engineering projects. This could be in Canada’s residential construction sector. This shows a sign of the possibility of the need for civil engineers. A civil engineer will work on many stages of building and infrastructure design and construction. The average salary in the Civil Engineering stream is $80,080.

Pharmacology Stream

In Canada, even a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology can help you with handsome earnings. Upon graduation, you must complete an exam with the Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada. Then you will also need to complete an apprenticeship. Your registration with your province’s college follows. The good news is that there is a projected shortage of Pharmacists until 2024. This presents a great opportunity for you as a student.

The average salary in the Pharmacology stream is $102,398.

The prospects are thus great for students like you from the UAE in Canada. You can even apply for permanent resident status! To be eligible for PR points (minimum 15) you must pursue at least a 1-year course.

Study permit should be applied at least 4 to 6 months before your Canadian university degree program begins. It takes about 35 days before your visa gets confirmed.

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