Why work in Canada? Bloomberg ranked Toronto the best city for career women

Toronto ranked 1 city for career women

The Canadian city of Toronto has been ranked as the leading city in the world for women pursuing a career as was revealed by Bloomberg after its recent survey. Bloomberg analyzed 15 cities across the globe to find out how they fared when it came to the quality of life for women who pursued careers. What was found will inspire the professionally capable women among you to work in Canada.

The analysis

The analysis of 15 cities was done on the basis of 5 factors namely safety, maternity, mobility, wealth, and equality. The cities that were included in the study were chosen on the basis of the part they played in global business as well as how they attracted global talent.

The survey was conducted on 3,000 women aged between 18 and 60 years. They were asked questions that corresponded to the 5 factors aforementioned.

The result

After the survey, Toronto came at the top position, followed by Sydney, Singapore, Paris, and London. Toronto’s ranking was high for maternity, wealth, and equality. However, the city ranked poorly on mobility, thanks to its aging transport system.

What’s in it for newcomers in Canada?

It’s an important status that Toronto has achieved as it will improve the career prospects for women. As immigrants arrive in Canada in their prime years to pursue a career, women in that population with skills to match men will want to build a career in Canada too.

With the equality factor ranked highly, the career ambition of women immigrants will be realized in Canada. Even those women who immigrate to Canada as spouses/partners of men have been found to possess optimal human capital characteristics. These include education, language skills, age, and work experience. It’s only fair for the Canadian government to be given an opportunity to perform in the Canadian labor market.

Economic integration among women is vital for improving social integration and retention. It’s not uncommon that weak labor market integration makes immigrant families relocate so that both partners will be able to pursue a career with better prospects elsewhere.

Also, with about 1 million jobs vacant in the country, the need to plug the gaps sooner is weighing down on Canada. This means the county will have to find the under-represented immigrant groups and give them the opportunity to work in Canada. This group includes women, indigenous people, disabled people, and disenfranchised youth.

Among determined steps taken by IRCC to support women among newcomers in Canada to integrate into the labor market is providing financial support for various pilot programs. These programs are aimed at giving support to newcomer women, especially those who have been racialized.

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