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Posted on November 22 2022

What is the processing time for Canada Visas from UAE?

By  Editor
Updated January 25 2024

Highlights: Essentials of processing time for Canada visas from UAE

  • Learn what factors affect processing time for Canada Visas
  • The processing times differ for each type of Canada visas
  • Recently IRCC updated changes in Canada visa processing times

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Canada immigration process

Canada immigration is having its best time with the Canadian government taking all necessary steps to make it a wholesome and fruitful process. As an aspiring immigration candidate for Canada, it should be fair enough for you to learn various essential aspects of the Canada immigration process.


There are bound to be many questions that arise in a potential candidate’s mind about the process for immigration followed by Canada. These would include:

  • What types of visas are available in Canada to suit my purpose?
  • What are the requirements to qualify for the visa I need?
  • What are the documents that I will have to submit while applying for a Canada visa?
  • How long will the process of obtaining a Canada visa take?

Every question given above is important and needs to be answered with transparency and clarity. At Y-Axis, you can trust our expert visa consultants to guide and assist you in every way to help you migrate to Canada.


As time is an important factor in planning migration, the processing time taken for a visa is a significant determinant in deciding which country to move to. Considering this, Canada has taken steps to keep the processing time as low as it will be most beneficial for potential immigrants.


What about Canada visa processing time?

An immigration candidate who enters the process to move to Canada is bound to be eager to reach Canada at the earliest. This is where Canada visa processing time works so well for aspiring immigration candidates.


So, let’s first check out the major factors that influence the processing time of a Canada visa.

  • Visa type applied for
  • Country the applicant originates/applies from
  • How complete and correct the application is
  • How easy it is to confirm the information about the applicant
  • How soon can IRCC process visa applications that are existing in the system already?
  • The time an applicant takes to give a response to any concerns or additional requests raised in the course of processing the visa application


Processing time for each type of Canadian Visas

Now that you have understood what takes up the time for visa application processing besides the normal time taken, let’s see how much time is taken for processing different types of Canada visas/visa pathways.

Processing Time for Canada Visas from UAE
Type of Visa Processing Time
Atlantic Immigration Pilot 14 months
Canadian Experience Class 19 months
Provincial Nominee Program (online) 14 months
Provincial Nominee Program (offline) 22 months
Work Permit 30 weeks
Skilled Workers (Federal) 27 months
Skilled Trades (Federal) 49 months
Skilled Workers (Quebec) 22 months
Start-Up Visa 31 months
Study Permit 12 weeks
Spouse or common law partner living outside Canada (Dependent Visa) 14 months
Parents & Grandparents Visa 37 months
Canada PR 27 months
Canada PR (renewal) 90 days
Canada visit Visa 193 days


Express Entry

Canada Express Entry system includes three economic immigration streams namely FSW, FST, and CEC. While these are federal-level streams for Canada immigration, PNP is a provincial-level immigration stream, which is often connected to the Express Entry system. Such candidates in the PNP have profiles in Express Entry.


Under Express Entry, in the normal course, visa applications are processed within 6-27 months of IRCC receiving the application. It takes 27 months in rare cases.


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Canada PR Card

The Canada PR card is proof of your permanent residence in Canada. Once you apply for a PR Card in Canada, it can take around 107 days to complete processing.


If you are renewing your Canada PR card after starting living in Canada, you will have to wait 90 days for the whole processing to complete.


*Note: Renewal of a Canada PR card before its expiry is recommended, especially in cases where you are traveling outside Canada.


Canada Work Permit Processing Time

When you are migrating to Canada with the sole purpose of working in that country, you will go for a Canada work permit. The range of time taken for the process of a work permit to complete is the largest among Canada visas.


The processing time taken for a Canada work permit could be 30 weeks. Of course, the speed of processing a work permit in Canada totally depends on how complete your application was when it was submitted. The office you applied for a Canada work visa also influences the time taken for its processing.


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LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)

Though LMIA isn’t exactly a visa, workers who migrate to Canada with a job offer from an employer in Canada could need an LMIA. This document establishes that the recruiting employer has made sufficient efforts to find suitably skilled and qualified workers for the job role. But since they have failed to find them in the native population, you were invited as a migrant to fill the job vacancy.


The processing time for an LMIA application is between 8 and 29 days.


Canada Study Permit

The processing time taken for a Canada study permit depends a lot on your country of residence when you apply. The typical time taken for processing a Canada study permit is 12 weeks.


Canada Visitor Visa

In the case of this visa, your country of origin/application will influence the processing time. The typical time taken is 193 days.


Canada Super Visa

This visa is for you to use to meet your relatives (children and grandchildren) in Canada and live with them for five years. Processing this visa typically takes 178 days.


PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit)

If you are a student visa holder in Canada and have completed your studies, you could apply for a PGWP to stay back in Canada and work there. You have to apply for your PGWP before the expiry of your student visa. The application will be processed within 2 to 3 months.


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Canada Start-Up Visa

The Canada start-up visa is for entrepreneurs who want to establish their start-ups in Canada. The applicants can also make tie ups with private companies in Canada and receive help on funding and guidance on running their business, after getting their visa success.


The processing time for Canada Start Up Visa from UAE is 31 months.


Changes to Canada visa processing times

The last time a major change was made in processing times was during the period between 2020 and 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Back then, IRCC had decided to set estimates for visa processing time on the basis of the number of applications currently under processing.


The immigration categories for which modifications were made in the time taken for processing included the following:

  • Economic immigration
    • Skilled Workers (Quebec)
    • Provincial Nominees (barring Express Entry)
    • Start-up visa
  • Sponsoring a parent/grandparent
  • Immigration on the basis of humanitarian and compassionate grounds


Canada Visa success

To a great extent the promptness of doing the right thing in the process, the way of presenting information, ease of reference, and completeness as well as integrity of information play a huge part in the success of Canada visa processing.


If you are willing to migrate to Canada, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE.


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