What is the job outlook for the UK for 2022?


UK Job Outlook

If the UK is on your radar for an overseas job for 2022, then you should know the job outlook in 2022 to assess your chances of finding a job in the UK based on your profession and work experience.

With most countries on the path of economic recovery after the Coronavirus pandemic, the job outlook is also looking up and the UK is no exception.

The job outlook for the UK in 2022 indicates a positive trend. And with the number of Skilled Worker Visa expected to increase in the next year, you will have better chances to migrate to the UK on this visa if you make the cut.

The Employment Outlook Survey by the Manpower group which is based on responses from 2,033 UK employers indicates that most employers intend to increase the number of employees and this includes hiring people from other countries.

Here is a list of the sectors where the job outlook looks bright for 2022.

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IT and software

With increasing digitization of workplaces and the growing popularity of remote working, there will be a need for IT and software professionals. The average salary for this sector is 53,000 pounds.


There will be a demand for engineers especially overseas engineers to cater to the demands of this sector. The average annual salary for engineers will be 40,000 pounds.


Finance professionals with experience in fintech will be in demand as the finance sector in the UK will be using technology to streamline its operations. The average annual salary in this profession is 42,000 pounds.

Human resources

The human resources sector will be looking out for people who are skilled to handle the digital format of human resources operations. The average annual salary for this sector is 42,000 pounds.


The hospitality sector is expected to see good growth in 2022 going by surveys which indicate an increase in the number of tourists to the UK. The average annual salary for this sector is 28,000 pounds.


Another sector that is poised to grow in 2022 is the healthcare sector. There will be a demand for healthcare professionals such as doctors, physicians, and nurses. The average annual salary for this profession is 45,000 pounds.

Occupation Average annual


Information technology 53,000 pounds
 Finance and Banking 42,000 pounds
Human resources 42,000 pounds
Engineering 40,000 pounds
Hospitality 28,000 pounds
Healthcare 45,000 pounds

These are some of the sectors in the UK that are expected to have a promising job outlook in 2022 and if you are qualified in any of these fields, you can try for a job and migrate to the UK.

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