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Posted on December 27 2022

What are the highest paid jobs in Canada in 2023?

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Why work in Canada?

Do you know what motivates educated and skilled people across the world to work in Canada? Here, we will check both the socio-economic and core work-related reasons that contribute to the growing confidence and willingness of skilled workers to immigrate to Canada and work there.

Opportunities for employment

Employment opportunities are available in huge numbers and the variety of jobs vacant is wide across industries. Even international students get work permits after they graduate from a Canadian institution. This translates into Canada’s great plan to retain able candidates to contribute to the economy.

Canada has several work permit types that suit various skills and requirements. There are over a million jobs to fill in Canada. The country welcomes skilled people and offers them various pathways for temporary and permanent migration.

High standards of living

Affordable costs, a stable economy, a sophisticated banking system, and general socio-cultural norms and practices lead to a high standard of living in Canada. The Government of Canada and its provinces make policies that put people first. The country welcomes and applies state-of-the-art technologies to streamline and facilitate comfort and ease of living. Moreover, the Canadian economy is modernized.

More benefits of working in Canada

When it comes to the benefits you get working in Canada, the country has a lot of positives to tell. Canada offers free healthcare services for residents and employees, funded by the government. The pay scale is high for skilled jobs that complement affordable living Canada gives.

The universal healthcare program in Canada is instrumental in providing healthcare benefits to people living and working in Canada.

Higher salaries

For many, Canada is a choice of a region where they can experience a lot of what they expect from the USA. This includes the pay scale that the country’s employers in various industries offer. There’s a presence of reputed MNCs in almost sector, especially in IT and healthcare.

As these companies are in high need of qualified and efficient employees in large numbers, the job market is full of opportunities for immigrants who are offered some of the best pay packages across the world.

Job vacancies in Canada

In the Q2 of 2022, the number of job vacancies in Canada reached 1,031,955. In October of 2022, there were 108,300 more vacancies added to the job market.

Canada employment projections in 2023

By the end of Q4 of 2022, the employment rate in Canada is expected to be 61.5 percent. In 2023, the employment rate is projected to be around 60.9 percent. The employment rate projection for 2024 is 62.2 percent.

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions in Canada

Job role

Average annual salary (in Canadian Dollars)













Software Architect

Data Scientist


Software Engineer

Enterprise Architect


How to start your career in Canada?

Here’s a brief guide to starting a career in Canada.

As a first step, you must get proficient in the official languages in Canada namely English and/or French. The better part of mastering one of these languages is that landing a job becomes easier.

The next big decision you have to make is which type of work visa to choose to migrate to Canada. There are temporary and permanent visa options that can help you migrate to Canada to live and work there for a certain period or permanently.

If you are a student in Canada or planning to be one, you can use the PGWP (Post Graduate Work Program) to procure a visa under which you can stay back in Canada for three years and find employment.

If you want to work there along with doing a vacation, you could apply for a Working Holiday visa.

There is a work visa in Canada that need an LMIA procured by a Canadian employer offering job to you in Canada. In certain cases, LMIA-exempt visas are also issued when the candidate is of some special benefit to the country by virtue of their job type, qualification, or any other relevant reason.

Here are some of the Canada work visa categories:

  • Work visas that require LMIA
  • LMIA-exempt work visa
  • CUSMA (Canada-United-States-Mexico Agreement) based work visas without needing an LMIA
  • PGWP-based visa
  • Visas for businesspeople
  • Intra-company work visas

Finding work is the next concern. There are many sources including the Canadian government’s own jobs bank. If you are aware of the category of work visa you intend to apply for, it will be possible for you to determine what kind of jobs or which employers you need to look for.

Research well and find the best employers in your sector of employment, no matter it's banking, IT, construction, sales, or finance. Also, try to gain volunteer experience as it will have great value with Canadian enterprises. Volunteering also makes it possible to find opportunities in personal and professional areas.

Another cardinal part of trying to land a job in Canada is to prepare a resume that meets the expectations of Canadian companies. Get professional assistance to create resumes for Canadian jobs.

If you get a job offer from a Canadian employer you can proceed to apply for a Canada work permit. Meet the criteria prescribed, follow the application procedure, better your profile when the visa is in processing, and open an impactful pathway for yourself to land in Canada as a well-regarded skilled foreign worker.

How can Y-Axis assist you to find the right profession in Canada?

For the best overseas job search and visa services of world standards to live and work in Canada, visit Y-Axis. Professionals wanting to work in Canada can seek our valuable services namely:

If you are looking for expert immigration advice and overseas job assistance, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE.

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