USA makes a new rule to bar arrivals via Schengen

US proclamation for Schengen

Hague’s (the Netherlands) US embassy has issued a reminder to travelers holding a valid US visa or Electronic System Travel Authorization (ESTA) and is from outside the European Union territory. As per the new proclamation, these travelers aren’t allowed to arrive in the US transiting the Schengen area airports.

The US President Donald Trump, who signed the proclamation, imposed the prohibitive rule on alien travelers who were present in any of the Schengen states within 2 weeks before their attempted arrival or arrival in the US. This applies even if they stayed in the Schengen area only intending transit to the US.

The US embassies in other EU countries have also been made aware of this proclamation to travelers trying to make a trip or immigration to the USA transiting the Schengen area.

The decision was taken to avert the difficulties faced by the US to track and stop possible COVID-19 carriers from the Schengen area. The new measure has been imposed to make sure that those in the US will be protected from another surge in the pandemic.

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