UK’s offer to Hong Kong, Brexit, attract more non-EU workers

UK's Hong Kong offer boosts jobseeker interest

Interest to work in London among the workers from non-EU countries has, for the first time in 7 years, exceeded the interest shown by EU nationals. The 20% increase in such interest among non-EU workers has been found by a job search site that compiled data related to this.

The rise in interest to work in UK among non-EU workers is partly due to the new pathway to UK citizenship offered to people in Hong Kong. These people in Hong Kong have been suffering from Chinese oppression through the imposition of its National Security Law. This Law was imposed in the Special Administrative Region.

As the UK is becoming a separate entity after moving away from the EU, it will be necessary for EU nationals arriving in the UK to hold a UK visa. This is applicable to all of them no matter they are arriving to work, live, or study in UK. This situation will create open opportunities for non-EU workers to utilize the loss of opportunities that earlier existed as EU nationals had free movement to the UK to live and work.

The opportunities and competition will now be evenly favorable for both EU and non-EU candidates. Moreover, a large percentage of jobs searched by non-EU workers are found to be for UK-based software development job openings.

The increased interest of Hong Kong nationals in UK jobs also has a compelling reason that the UK is offering them citizenship and hence they won’t need a UK visas to be in the UK. This is a clear advantage they enjoy over non-EU or EU nationals.

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