Estonia’s immigration limit for the new year announced

Estonia’s immigration quota for 2021

There’s an annual quota for immigrants set by Estonia every year, which doesn’t exceed 0.1% of its permanent population. The country has set the immigration quota for 2021 at 1,315 immigrants.

The annual limit on immigration protects Estonian labour and market. When there are too many people willing to work overseas coming to Estonia, it could get risky to admit all of them without limits.

On December 3, 2020, Estonia approved the immigration limit excluding the following categories of immigrants:

  • Those who came to work in a start-up company
  • Those employed as teachers
  • Those doing family migration
  • Those employed as a top specialist and is paid twice the average earnings in Estonia
  • Those hired in an ICT professional position
  • Those who migrate to establish a start-up company
  • Those who are into operating as a significant investor
  • Those doing migration for studies

Other people excluded from the limit include citizens of EU countries along with their family members, and citizens of EEA, the US, Switzerland, and Japan.

The immigration quota of Estonia is a unique part of its immigration process. The quota does not include those seeking international protection or those who need protection and resettlement in the country under the EU migration plan.

The immigration quota was implemented after the number of applications for temporary residence permit and permit granting decisions increased since 2014. The immigration quota for 2020 was 1,314.

Estonia is the pioneer in implementing the E-Residency program. It permits international applicants to access several services the country offers. Estonia has plans to expand the E-Residency program in 20 countries worldwide.

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