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Posted on December 09 2022

UAE passport wins big! It’s the most powerful passport in the world

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: UAE passport ranks first in the world for mobility and more

  • The Passport Index has ranked the UAE passport as the number one passport in the world.
  • The no. 1 ranking considered factors like mobility and freedom of traveling to other countries in the world.
  • UAE passport holders can travel to 121 countries with no visa or get a visa on arrival.
  • The mobility score of the UAE passport is 180.
  • Diplomatic relations with more and more countries have helped the UAE to attract huge and significant investments as well as agreements for trade.

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Here comes the big news for those in and out of the UAE, and look up to this country! The latest Passport Index rankings have placed the UAE passport on top making it the world’s number one passport.

The ranking is indicative of the high mobility and the sheer number of countries where a UAE passport holder has the freedom to travel without a visa or with a visa on arrival. The UAE overtook big names on the list like Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Luxembourg to achieve the top position.

Diplomatic relations with more and more countries have helped the UAE to attract huge and significant investments as well as agreements for trade. This has played a significant role in making the country’s passport the strongest in the world.

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How powerful is the UAE passport?

If you have a UAE passport, you can travel to 121 nations without a passport or can arrive in the other country and get a visa stamped upon arrival. This characteristic of a country’s passport is called its mobility. It means that by virtue of the high mobility of a UAE passport, you can access almost 91 percent of the world population mostly visa free!

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A glance at the Top 10 strongest passports

The following are the top 10 global passport rankings as published by the Passport Index Ranking. These are countries with the strongest passports globally.


Points Mobility Ranking

United Arab Emirates



Sweden, Luxembourg, Finland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and South Korea 173


Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, Norway, the USA, Ireland, and New Zealand 172


Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, the UK, Japan, and Australia

171 4

Singapore, Lithuania, Malta, Canada, and Slovakia

170 5
Estonia, Slovenia, and Latvia 169


Iceland, Liechtenstein 168


Cyprus, Romania, Croatia, and Bulgaria

167 8


165 9
Monaco 163


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Who said what?

“What sets the UAE passport apart in particular is its ability for holders to enter countries with a visa on arrival. Whilst the passport’s power to enter countries visa free is comparable to its competitors, those with a UAE passport can enter 13 more countries with a visa on arrival than those with a German passport, the second ranked passport.”
Armand Arton, President and CEO of Arton Capital
“The UAE has emerged as a unique crossroads. It is between East and West, advanced economies and developing ones, and open to all. It is hard for any country to compete with this diversity of access and thus no surprise that it would top any passport index.”
Taufiq Rahim, a research fellow at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government in Dubai

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