The UAE now issues a 6-month Visit Visa


The UAE has announced that you can now get a 6-month multiple-entry Visit Visa. A spokesperson for the FAIC said that you can get this visa by applying to the Ministry of Interior. The 6-month Visit Visa can also be renewed for another 6 months. 

The following categories of people can apply for the 6-month Visit Visa: 

  • Investors 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Talented professionals 
  • Outstanding students 

This 6-month multiple-entry visa is available to all those who are eligible for the long-term Residence Visa of the UAE. 

This longer duration Visit Visa will allow entrepreneurs and investors to explore the local markets of the UAE. It will also help them start their documentation process for their Residence Visas. 

This new facility will be available as a public service and applicants do not need to sign in for the same. 

UAE Govt. officials are currently processing the Visit Visa applications. The UAE Cabinet had announced long-term (5-year and 10-year) Residence Visas for selected expats on 1st May. The 6-month Visit Visa announcement came as a follow-up to the same. 

6-month Visit Visa holders will be treated at par with residents by the UAE. These Visa holders can obtain Emirates ID cards to begin and finish their investment procedure. They would also be able to complete any other transaction that might be necessary to obtain a Residence Visa. 

Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements of the long-term Residence Visa would then be able to obtain the same. 

A committee comprising of Govt. Ministries and Authorities are currently reviewing the submitted Visit Visa applications. The Committee will decide which applications meet the eligibility criteria, as quoted by The Gulf News. 

The UAE has not declared any specific quota for the 6-month Visit Visa. Any number of visa applications will be accepted as long as the applicants meet the visa conditions. 

3 new visa services were announced by the FAIC on 15th May: 

  • Investors may get a 6-month multiple-entry Visitor Visa to complete the requirements of the Residence Visa for investors 
  • Outstanding students and Entrepreneurs can get a 6-month multiple-entry Visitor Visa 
  • Talented professionals may get a 6-month single-entry Visitor Visa to complete Residence Visa formalities 

Since the announcement of the new Visit Visa, the UAE has received more than 6,000 applications in the first fortnight. 

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