What are the criteria for sponsoring your family in the UAE?


The only criterion to sponsor your family in the UAE is income, announced the Federal Authority for Identity and EmiratisationThe minimum income requirement is at least Dh 4,000 if you do not have company-provided housing and Dh 3,000 if you have accommodation provided by your Company. 

As per the FAIE, both male and female residents can sponsor their family in the UAE. The family includes your spouse, children under 18 and unmarried daughters. You may, however, only be allowed to sponsor your family provided you meet the income threshold.  

As per the Council of Ministers’ Decision No. 30 of 2019, the FAIE has extended its services, as quoted by The Gulf News. 

Earlier this month, the Cabinet has decided to amend the regulations for foreign expats to sponsor their family. The Cabinet has done away with the earlier rules which allowed only a few specific “professions” to sponsor their family members. As per the new sponsorship rules, income is the only criterion to sponsor your family members in the UAE. 

The new sponsorship rules will provide better family stability. It will also help to enhance social cohesion. The new rules will also help attract more skilled workers to the country, believes the FAIE. The new rules will provide better professional and personal life balance for foreign workers in the country. 


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