UAE Immigration – What you need to know about sponsorship

UAE Sponsorship

‘Sponsor’ is an often vaguely understood term in the context of immigration to middle east countries like the UAE. It has technically more clarity than commonly understood. A layman can get educated about this term from visa agents or immigration experts.  

Can any expatriate be a sponsor? 

Expatriates in the UAE with a valid residency permit are eligible to sponsor their family members in the UAE. An expatriate can be an employer or employee. A male resident employed in the UAE with a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 and accommodation can be a sponsor. He can sponsor his immediate family members, such as his wife and children. There are other conditions applicable to him as a sponsor. 

A resident sponsor can apply for his dependents’ residence visa if his status is that of a resident visa holder. He should apply within 60 days after entering the UAE with the resident status. 

Visas for family members through expatriate sponsorship 

The family members of the expatriate are issued visas for a duration of 1 to 3 years. This depends on the sponsor member’s labor contract duration. The sponsor member’s capacity as an employer or employee also matters here. 

All family members sponsored will need to pass medical fitness tests. 

Expatriate employees are issued a residency visa for 1 or 2 years. It depends on the labor contract. Expatriate employers are issued a residency visa for 3 years. 

Check up regularly with Dubai GDRFA or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. This will keep you informed of any changes in the rules. 

Who else could be a sponsor? 

If you are visiting UAE to work in a local company, the sponsor is a local sponsor. The local sponsor means a UAE citizen who holds 51% of shares of the local company. He will be a silent shareholder. He will be your authorized representative to the UAE government authorities. Your local sponsor will be liable for your actions in the UAE.  

It is always wise to be clear about the updated rules from the UAE’s government sources. Responsible immigration agents like us can assist with the process and procedures of sponsorship. 

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