Dubai Business Visa – Why it matters for your business today!

Dubai Business Visa

Dubai is a fond destination for tourists today. The sheer reinvention of the emirate as a tourist destination is awe-inspiring. So is the development of Dubai as a hub for promising business growth. Along with Dubai tourism, business development in Dubai has flourished.  

In fact, the whole nation of UAE has developed business prospects for the world to thrive with. Today, a UAE business visa is a ticket to great possibilities. The world, with a large chunk of it Indian businessmen, is taking advantage. There are several reasons for it. 

Stability serves right 

Political stability is a major factor for investors to do business in UAE. The country is already projecting its 2021 Vision to become an economic, touristic and commercial capital of the world. The visionary leadership of the country is generating immense faith in investors. 

Infrastructure and connectivity 

Connectivity and infrastructure are essential factors for business development. These are well-maintained in UAE. UAE boasts the eleventh rank in World Bank’s 2018 Logistics Performance Index rankings. It gives tough competition to most of 160 countries counted in the rankings. The superiority of trade logistics is exemplary! 


UAE is accessible from most of the world countries within 8 hours via flight. That makes a lot of difference. 

Ease of doing business 

UAE is ranked first in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings. This involves listings of countries in Africa and Middle East. 

Besides these, UAE boasts of near to 90% migration rate, which is highest in the world! If you want to migrate to UAE for business, you need a UAE business visa. 

UAE Business visa  

A business visa in UAE is also available as e-Visa. With the visa, an eligible entrepreneur can conduct presentations, meetings, and conferences. Any professional with business experience can apply for a Dubai Business visa. It can be applied online also. 

Criteria for businessmen to qualify 

  • The applicant must substantiate his/her entrepreneurial experience 
  • The businessman must have been a  
  • A start-up’s majority shareholder or  
  • A member of its senior leadership  
  • He/She must be willing to move to the UAE  
  • He/She must legally establish a business in any of the emirates 
  • He/She must have a business idea or business plan to realize in the UAE. 

A businessman with UAE business visa can enter and stay in the UAE for 6 months. This is in view of facilitating business operations. To get residency, he/she must nominate 3 senior staff members of the business. 

A variety of business visas for different durations are available. It includes  

  • 14 days (single entry) 
  • 30 days (single & multiple entry) 
  • 60 days (single entry) 
  • 90 days (single and multiple entry) 

So, get on with your plan to invest and conduct business in the UAE!  

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