Tips for responsible Canadian visa applicants

Rights and responsibilities of prospective immigrants to Canada

Do you know what matters most in the process of applying for Canada immigration? It’s being honest and complete in submissions made to immigration officials. That will go well with the officials determining cases in an objective and consistent way.

When a prospective immigrant answers accurately and honestly, it increases the chances of a smoother migration process. If the immigration officer fails to respect or follow the rules, such an officer’s assessment will be inaccurate and disputed. On the other hand, if an applicant fails to give correct and complete information, the immigration application will be rejected.

In addition, if a candidate is attempting immigration to Canada, and applying for a Canada PR, he/she will also keep the following points in mind:

  • Gather all documents required to be submitted well in advance so that no submission falls short and the application gets rejected.
  • Read the instructions for submitting an application thoroughly and follow them strictly so that the application gets through scrutiny.
  • Be complete and accurate in the details furnished.
  • Be totally aware of the expiry dates of documents submitted along with the application. These could be:
    • Passport
    • Police background checks
    • Work permit/study permit
    • Language test results
    • Bank statements
    • Medical assessment
    • Invitation to apply
  • Always inform a change in circumstances to IRCC after submitting the application. This will keep the application and credentials updated and acceptable for being true and accurate. E.g., change of address or a new highest educational qualification.

Remember, being right, on-time, and honest makes the processing of a Canada immigration visa pretty smooth and successful.

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