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Posted on October 07 2022

Time to work abroad; requirement of 24,000 nurses in Singapore by 2030

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights of Singapore needs 24,000 more nursing professionals by 2030

  • Singapore is estimated to need 24,000 more nurses and caretakers for an aging population by 2030.
  • The increasing population of aged people in Singapore is pushing the demand for nurses and caretakers in the country.
  • 72% of registered nurses and 63% of enrolled nurses in Singapore are Singaporeans and permanent residents.
  • To combat international competition in procuring nurses from abroad, Singapore may consider granting PR to good performers.
  • A significant part of the nursing workforce will be foreigners, whose number will increase with time.

Singapore is one of the top job destinations in Asia and professionals in fields like healthcare and hospitality are found to seek an opportunity to move to this progressive country. Now, opportunities are revealed for caretakers and nurses in Singapore from outside the country to migrate there in large numbers.

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The current position

As of now, there are 58,000 nurses and other healthcare staff in Singapore. The estimation of the Ministry of Health is that Singapore will require 82,000 such professionals by 2030.

There’s a raging international competition to recruit nurses and it will take very timely and attractive measures to come up in this situation. One suggestion is to grant permanent residency in Singapore to top performers in the job area.

Singapore is already working on increasing the bed capacity in nursing homes to 31,000. It’s currently 16,200. Singapore aims at setting an optimal environment where aging people can comfortably live a retired life with the services of nursing professionals available sufficiently.

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Singapore is also making efforts is to step up the practice of taking in nursing students locally. The target is to do an intake of 2,300 nursing students from the current intake of 2,100.

Another challenge for Singapore to curb high attrition rates among foreign nurses. This number increased from 8.9% to 14.8% in 2021. The increased demand for nurses all over the world has been the major reason for this situation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Singapore is now making attempts to grow its family physicians’ pool. The aim is to meet the goal of 3,500 by 2030. About 200 Singaporean doctors trained overseas, return to the country every year.

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