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High job vacancies in health care and food services in Canada

Do you know which occupational sector had the highest rate of employers seeking skilled and qualified workers to work in Canada? It was the food and accommodation sector.

Another sector that registered the highest number of jobs positions open was the health sector. In all, in May 2021, employers in Canada recruited a whopping 671,100 workers.

An upward trend

The health sector accounted for the most job openings in Canada for 7 consecutive months. In May 2021, around 107,300 job positions were open in Canada. This was 1/6th of all job vacancies in Canada.

The second-highest number of job openings was in the food and accommodation services sector. There were about 78,000 job openings in this sector.

Retail trade accounted for 73,800 job vacancies.

Performance of the provinces

The Canadian province of Quebec had the highest job vacancy rates in May 2021, at 5.1%. A job vacancy rate is the number of positions that are vacant, represented as a proportion of the total number of positions.

British Columbia came next to Quebec with a 5% job vacancy rate. Next was New Brunswick at 4.9%. Following them came Newfoundland and Labrador with 2.8%.

More facts on job vacancy rate in Canada

In May 2021, the food and accommodation services sector registered a vacancy rate of 7.8%. Seasonal hiring is thought to be a factor in achieving this rate, as much as challenges in recruitment.

The call-back of employees to restaurants was difficult after a period of shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These employees who used to be at work in Canada had started to live off social assistance and were re-evaluating their careers and lifestyle with concerns for their health gaining priority.

There was also a shortage of international students who used to be major participants in this industry as employees. The vacancy rate was affected by these factors too.

Immigrants as a solution

So, as expected, Canada will have to depend on getting more immigrants willing to work in Canada to solve the issues in its job market. They will be crucial participants in the economic recovery of the country.

After the pandemic struck, Canada did a slow start with immigration in the starting months of 2021. But then, it picked up pace in June 2021 with about 35,000 new Canada PR visa holders welcomed to Canada.

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