The essential guide to applying for Canada immigration from the UAE

Applying For Canada Immigration from the UAE All You Need To Know (1)

Let’s learn

  • Why immigrate to Canada from the UAE?
  • The options available to move from UAE to Canada
  • The process of immigration – Steps involved

It’s interesting that so many individuals in the UAE are considering Canada as their next best destination to move to. They have clear reasons to choose Canada immigration from a country like the UAE, which is already well-known for its great multicultural social environment and flourishing employment scene.

Why do people immigrate to Canada from the UAE?
·        You can take your whole family along while migrating to Canada.

·        Education and essential medical services are free in Canada.

·        Canada welcomes both skilled workers and investors.

·        Opportunities in the IT sector are huge in Canada, which attracts software professionals.

·        It takes just 3 years as a Canada PR visa holder for you to become eligible for Canadian citizenship.

·        Canada permits dual citizenship.

·        Upon becoming a Canada PR, you are entitled to receive government welfare benefits (if you need them), free education, free medical facilities, unemployment insurance, old-age insurance, etc.

·        If you are going to start a business in Canada, the Canadian government will impose minimal regulations to start your own business.

·        You will get access to the markets in US and Mexico. This is based on the NAFTA Agreement.

·        Canada has been ranked globally as the best country to live in.

Various Canada immigration options

Here are the major immigration pathways that Canada immigration is possible through.

Express Entry

The most popular immigration pathway to Canada, the Canada Express Entry is a system of managing applications for permanent residency in Canada. The applicants apply for Canada PR via 3 immigration programs of economic class namely CEC, FSTP, and FSWP.

Every applicant makes a profile in the Express Entry system and furnishes personal and work information that gets evaluated. After evaluation based on several human capital factors such as education, age, work experience, and language proficiency, these candidate profiles get ranked with CRS scores. The higher the scores, the higher the chances you will get to apply for a Canada PR.

Know your eligibility to immigrate to Canada, through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

Provincial Nominee Program

If you are willing to immigrate to specific Canadian provinces. PNP is also useful when you want to get a leeway to Canada immigration when you are short of high scores to get picked up at the federal immigration level.

If you are participating in an enhanced PNP, you will have a profile in the Canada Express Entry and will be showing interest (filing EOI) in immigrating to a specific Canadian province. If you are applying under a base PNP, you will be trying to immigrate through an independent immigration system.

If your Express Entry profile gets selected by a Canadian province, you will get an invitation to accept the province’s nomination. If you accept it, you get an additional 600 CRS points. It increases the chance to get an opportunity to apply for Canada PR.

Canada Work Permit

If you are moving to Canada to work in a suitable occupation you have 2 options; TFWP and IMP. In TFWP the Canadian employer sponsoring you after hiring you has to get an LMIA to prove that he/she is hiring you due to non-availability of native skilled workers.

IMP (Intra Company Transfer) is a program that’s meant for migrating key personnel in Canadian companies to certain positions. The personnel is interested in getting transferred to Canada.

With a work permit, in many cases which can be extended as per the requirement of work, you can stay long enough in Canada to be eligible to apply for Canada PR.

Family-class visa

Permanent residents and citizens in Canada can sponsor their common-law partner, spouse, children, parents, or grandparents to become PR themselves. A Canadian permanent resident/citizen who’s 18 years of and has a continuing genuine relationship with the one up for migration can offer sponsorship.

Via the PGP (Parents & Grandparents Program) a Canada PR/citizen can sponsor their parents and grandparents.

How to apply for Canada PR from the UAE – Steps involved

  • Collect all important instructive reports and file an application for the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment).
  • Create an Express Entry profile by filling in every detail in your profile.
  • Make the effort to participate in the most recent Express Entry with the best score to get an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for a Canada PR visa.
  • Submit the Canada PR visa application along with making payment for visa expenses. Also, submit all necessary records within 60 days of receiving the ITA.
  • Accept your visa endorsement update. Then proceed to send your identification to the closest Embassy for stamping.

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