Lots of job vacancies in Canada; Canada immigration to save the day

Why are Canadian employers hiring more foreign workers (1)

The highlights

  • Canadian businesses need more skilled foreign workers through Canada immigration.
  • A record number of job vacancies was characteristic of Q3 of 2021 in Canada.
  • There’s a rise in the number of foreign workers who are interested in part-time work opportunities against full-time work vacancies.
  • Currently, the population of workers in the age range of 55 to 64 years is closer to 22% of the Canadian population. They are nearing their retirement age.
  • The situation of increase in the aged population is compounded by the low rate of fertility in the past 5 decades.
  • The Canadian government has made significant reforms to the immigration process to increase the inflow of skilled foreign workers through Canada immigration.
  • The Canadian government is undertaking programs to reform and charge up the TFW program.

The great Canadian job scenario

Clearly, Canada immigration is the proven way to address the insufficiency of manpower to meet the labor market requirements in the country. In fact, Canadian businesses are looking to employ more foreign talents who are ready to join the country’s workforce. These talents are found through Canada immigration programs.

A record number of job vacancies has been the defining feature of 2021, especially in Q3 of 2021. The number of job vacancies in Canada touched an all-time high. There were 912,000 job vacancies in this time period.

Also, a major shift of interest has been apparent in foreign workers at work in Canada. Against full-time work offers, they are now more accepting of part-time work opportunities.

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The industries that matter

Job vacancies in Q3 were highest in the following industry sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Food services

The occurrence of the Omicron wave right after Q3 of 2021 triggered many restrictions and many job vacancies were scrapped. In 2022, the labor market condition continues to be tight.

This means that the requirement for skilled workers is even higher. The job vacancies are still increasing and Canada immigration is becoming a landscape full of opportunities that serve the skilled and qualified abroad.

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Steps taken by the Canadian government to reform the TFW program

  • Canada will remove the cap on the number of low-wage positions that are fit for seasonal employees to join via the TFW program. The longest duration of these low-wage positions will be increased to 270 days a year.
  • The validity of LMIA will be set for 18 months. This will be a jump of 12 months from what the limit was before the COVID pandemic hit Canada.
  • The maximum duration of employment for workers coming under the High-Wage & Global Talent streams will increase from 2 years to 3 years.
  • It will be set so that up to 30% of any Canadian employers’ workforce for 7 specific employment sectors, can get hired to the low wage positions through the TFW program. The limit for all other sectors is still 20%.
  • The policy that automatically refuses LMIA applications for low-wage occupations in the Retail Trade and Accommodation & Food Services sectors will be terminated. It will be done only for regions that have unemployment rates that are at least 6%.

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