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Posted on March 01 2021

Take the best route to Canada - Immigration pathways in 2021

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

It’s a year filled with the hopes of resuming travel and migration to Canada after a year that was hijacked by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing travel disruptions and lockdowns. If you are looking to join the enthusiasts who are awaiting their turn to immigrate to live and work in Canada, it’s time you knew the different ways in which you can accomplish Canada immigration.

It’s a dream come true for many to obtain a Canada PR, which opens a plethora of career opportunities and life-changing experiences in a multicultural social environment. Let us see the ways to secure a permanent residency in Canada in 2021.

There are over 80 immigration pathways of which you can use the suitable one to proceed to apply for Canada immigration. Here, we will look at these various options.

Economic & Business immigration

These pathways are meant for professionals who possess the skills that can meet the labor market requirements of Canada and help in supporting and developing the Canadian economy. The various immigration programs offered under this category include:

  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Investor Programs
  • Quebec Immigration
  • Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Programs
  • Other federal classes of immigration like
    • The Caregivers Program
    • The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
    • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot
    • The Agri-Food Pilot

Family sponsorship

This category of immigration programs aims at helping the family members of a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident. The family members eligible to get sponsored by Canadians include:

  • Parents and grandparents
  • Spouse or common-law/conjugal partner
  • Dependent child (biological or adopted)

In exceptional cases, certain other family members can also be sponsored to immigrate to Canada. In case a Canadian citizen/PR has no other eligible relatives to sponsor the following types of family members could be sponsored:

  • Orphaned nephew/niece
  • Orphaned brother/sister
  • Orphaned grandchild

Humanitarian & Refugee immigration

Canada is a leader in accepting refugees and similar immigrants on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. To the cause of admitting this category of immigrants, Canada sets aside a significant portion of its annual immigration target.

Money required to immigrate to Canada

The amount of money you will need in hand to secure a permanent residency in Canada depends on the immigration program you are going for. Let’s check the financial requirements per the immigration program.

Economic immigration

There are economic immigration programs that require you to submit proof of your being financially capable of supporting yourself and there are those that do not ask for this. The immigration programs that don’t need proof of finance will want you to have a job offer from Canada or Canadian work experience.

Business immigration

All business immigration programs need you to have significant investment in Canada. Either you will need to have invested in a Canadian company or you must have made an interest-free loan to the provincial or federal government of Canada.

Family sponsorship

Unless the Canadian sponsor is sponsoring a family member other than his/her spouse or dependent child, the sponsor isn’t required to provide information on financial status. In case the sponsor is sponsoring a parent or grandparent, it becomes necessary to submit proof of financial sufficiency.

Humanitarian and refugee sponsorship

No financial requirements are expected from you if you are applying for immigration on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. That is unless you are a refugee who has got sponsored privately. If you are sponsored so, the sponsoring group in Canada will have to show that they have sufficient funds raised to sponsor and resettle you as a refugee.

Requirements to immigrate to Canada

The documents needed to be submitted depends on the immigration program that you are applying for. Generally, the documents required include:

  • Travel/identification documents
  • Proof of work experience
  • Proofs of educational
  • Documents showing the financial history

Age limit for Canadian immigration

Though there’s no age limit specified for any programs for immigration Canada has, maximum points and preference go to applicants of age 25 to 35 years. With substantial education, work experience, proficiency in the English language, and connections in Canada, you can make it to Canada with good chances even if you are an older candidate.

Job requirement for immigration

The majority of immigrants in Canada do not have a job offer in Canada at the application stage. Only certain immigration programs require you to have a job offer in hand to immigrate to Canada.

Now that a general idea is given to you on how immigration is possible to Canada in 2021, you can take the services of an immigration consultant to learn more and find the pathway that suits you.

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