Sweden tackles student issues in the face of COVID-19

Sweden Student permit issue

There’s news from Sweden that around 4,000 students are looking for clarity regarding their residence permits. These permits are linked to their course of study in Sweden. The COVID-19 preventive measures implemented in Sweden has created doubt and anxiety among the students. They aren’t sure if they can stay back in the country this autumn.

Also, the student residence permits could now be in jeopardy. This is because the Swedish law allows the Migration Agency to give student residence permits only if over 50% of their courses are done on campus.

But, following COVID-19 the chances of on-campus course delivery are bleak. The courses are going to be possibly delivered online, taught remotely.

So, thousands of international students outside the EU may not be considered eligible for a new residence permit or its extension. That is in case they fail to prove that most of their courses will be conducted on campus.

Also, there’s a lack of clarity with some Swedish universities about how the coming academic year will be organized. As PatrikHöstmad pointed out, government intervention will be necessary. Government should direct the Migration Agency to ensure that no student with a Sweden student visa suffers. Patrik hailsfromChalmers University where he is the Deputy Principal (acting) of undergraduate courses.

The Migration Agency says that it looks forward foron-campus studies to be conducted in spring. According to it, those who wish to study in Sweden for a full academic year only need to do a small part of the course on campus in the Autumn semester. Then, they will be eligible to get a permit for the entire course time.

The Migration Agency advises the international students to wait before they apply for extension of their residence permits. That is as long as they put in an application for it before the existing one expires.

Many universities in Sweden are considering to conduct online study programs. And if international students are pushed to take online classes, 52% of them may very probably cancel their studies in Europe. This was found through a survey conducted lately that gives detailed information about the perspectives of students regarding online study.

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