UAE has the strongest passport in the world for visa-free travel


The December 1 Passport Index report rated UAE as the strongest passport in the world for visa-free travel. UAE passport holders can travel visa-free to 167 countries around the globe.

UAE passport holders can enter the highest number of countries without an entry visa. It knocked out Singapore from the top spot as more nations were added to its list of visa-free countries.

Singapore and Germany were joint 2nd with access to 166 countries. 8 countries of the European Union share the 3rd place along with the US and South Korea. These countries can access about 165 countries of the world. The European countries making it to the Top 3 are:

  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Norway
  • Finland

The UK shares 4th place with other countries like Canada, Switzerland, and Japan. Austria, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, and Ireland also shared the 4th position.

India is placed in 68th position with access to visa on arrival to 65 countries of the world.

Afghanistan is placed last with access to just 29 countries, as per The Times of Israel.

When passports are ranked, they are ranked according to nominators like access to visa-free travel. These rankings, in no way, take into account citizen rights in these countries. Passport rankings basically see how many countries a particular passport can access with no initial visa hassles.

This is why powerhouses like the US, Canada, and the UK do not top the list. On the other hand, citizens of UAE get good opportunities outside the country’s border.

Passport Index is the only real-time ranking of the passports in the world. It updates its rankings as per the latest visa reforms and waivers.

While ranking the passports, Passport Index considers 199 countries in the world. Territories which do not issue their own passports are not taken into consideration.

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