UAE will now accept visa applications in just 15 seconds

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UAE has announced that visitors traveling to the country can now submit their Tourist Visas applications in just 15 seconds.

The General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs (GDRFA) of UAE has implemented a new Artificial Intelligence program. Thanks to it, people can now get their visa applications accepted in just 15 seconds. The AI program has already processed more than 5 million visa applications through the GDRFA app.

The GDRFA visa system is connected to other government entities through the new AI program. This allows for faster processing times. The system has been named “Entry Permit 50+”. This symbolizes that UAE has already moved 50 years ahead with regard to technology for visa-processing, said Col. Dr. Omar Al Shamsi. He is the Assistant Director-General for the Entry and Residency Permits.

Speaking to The News, Col. Shamsi said that they wanted to reduce visa processing times. He pointed out that applicants will no longer need to send the same documents while filing for another visa. Documents submitted earlier will now be stored in a database for easy accessibility.

Col. Shamsi also confirmed that the system also tracks suspicious and wanted individuals. It sends details of such people to the relevant security authorities. The system allows no room for security threats.

Visa applications through the GDRFA app can be either done by a sponsor or a travel agency.

The AI uses a website from where it takes and processes the documents necessary for visa approval. To apply through this system one needs to download the GDRFA app. The app is available for both Android and iPhones.

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