How the spotlight is shifting to Canada in immigration

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There’s a learning curve you can develop from observing the way 2 amazing countries are handling immigration in these days of COVID-19 crisis. These countries are Canada and the USA.

It’s clear that Canada immigration has earned more kudos than any other country in all probability in keeping its immigration activities going. The USA has, on the contrary, enforced restrictions at the border but scored way less when it comes to lifting the hopes of aspiring migrants.

The US President, Mr. Donald Trump, has from the beginning expressed his distaste for a large number of immigrants entering the country. Upon the COVID-19 scenario, he has been forthright in suspending immigration to the US. The latest news says he has stopped issuing resident visas (Green Card) to migrants.

Canada, for more reasons than one, has done its best to keep the immigration Canada process open throughout the pandemic crisis. Skilled immigrants have been invited through immigration programs such as Express Entry draws. The prospects that migrants are seeing in Canada is boosting Canada’s future capabilities. The credit also goes to the country’s welcoming purpose-oriented policies. It outshines the more protectionist and closed approach of the US to immigration.

When the US President went ahead in great length to ban travel as part of his anti-immigration agenda, Canada benefitted from it. For migrants the world over, Canada seemed a perfect destination. It had all the infrastructure and opportunities they could look for. This is true about every sector, be it education, employment, business, travel, or residency.

Rather than looking at immigrants as a problem, Canada looked at them as key contributors to economic revival and stability. This has been envisaged before COVID-19, today, and for the future.

From limiting cross border travel to citizens and permanent residents and their immediate family members, Canada extended its exemptions. After March 26, 2020, Canada exempted all work permit holders and study permit holders who had got approval before March 18, 2020. The workers were meant for agriculture and food-based industries.

In the days after Canada started with lockdown, the federal government conducted 6 Express Entry draws. 11,270 invitations were sent. These candidates got invited through Provincial Nominee Programs and Canadian Experience Class streams.

Draws have continued at the provincial level. Provinces that conducted draws include Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. They all have been issuing invitations since March 15, 2020.

Besides Canada work visa, the country is also showing a promising scenario for business start-ups. The Start-up Visa Program targets entrepreneurs talented enough to innovate. They are linked with Canada’s private sector investors who will help them in establishing their businesses.

These start-up entrepreneurs will also be offered permanent residence. They may also apply for a work permit with the support of their designated Canada-based angel investor, business incubator, or venture capital fund. This would be before they qualify for permanent residence, with their business up and running.

Silently and confidently, Canada is thus empowering itself to grow into a hub of opportunities that the world will look up to.

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