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To apply for Australian PR, Overseas Immigrants should ace the Australia Skills assessment. It is a mandatory prerequisite to be eligible for Permanent Residency. The Immigration process in Australia is points-based. Immigrants need to nominate an occupation listed on the Skilled Occupations list. Also, they must prove that they have got skills assessed.

Let’s have a quick look at the validity of this assessment.

  • It is valid for 3 years from the date of issue
  • Subclass 485 skills assessment is issued for graduates of Australian Universities
  • Subclass 485 skills assessment does not need a job offer
  • Subclass 485 skills assessment is not valid for points-based skilled Migration Visa


Overseas Immigrants should get their educational qualification recognized. This will further help them with their Australian PR process. Let’s check out a few essential points about this procedure.

  • Immigrants should use Credential evaluation service for this process
  • It is mandatory for studying or getting training in Australia
  • Immigrants’ education level is compared to that of the Australian system
  • The procedure takes nearly 3 months
  • It’s a fee-based service for Immigrants applying for Australian PR
  • The evaluation is only done on high school education records

There are some prerequisites for Australia Skills Assessment based on two categories-

  • Unlicensed professions – there is no need to get one’s qualification evaluated
  • Licensed professions – this could include teaching, engineering and law. According to SBS, one has to get their qualification evaluated. 

Who can assess your skills?

The Skilled occupation list provides Immigrants with a list of assessing authorities. It’s their own responsibility to contact the concerned authority for nominated occupation. The process and assessment fee depends on each assessing authority.

The assessment process

Overseas Immigrants must hold University degrees for getting a positive result. The authorities will guide them. One can nominate just one occupation. However, they can apply to many authorities for getting their skills evaluated. Once Immigrants receive an invitation to apply, they need to provide a scanned copy of the assessment.

The Department of Immigration in Australia can help candidates identify suitable skills. It even offers details of required overseas skills for each state of the country. Knowing the in-demand skills is a must before applying for Australian PR.

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