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Posted on December 17 2022

Scaling up the UAE five-year tourist visa in the plans for Dubai tourism

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Highlights: Dubai tourism body batting for a bigger-scale UAE multi-entry tourist visa

  • Dubai tourism seeks a big boost with the roll-out of a bigger-scale UAE multi-entry tourist visa.
  • The tourist visa is a five-year visa that was launched to attract more visitors to the UAE.
  • The visa also helps residents in the UAE bring their parents to stay with them.

We have interesting news for residents of the UAE as well as those who are interested to visit Dubai and stay for a while, enjoying the country’s hospitality. Dubai tourism is looking for a big boost with the expansion of the UAE tourist visa. This is specifically about the five-year multi-entry tourist visa that UAE offers to foreigners interested to visit the country.

In fact, this particular UAE tourist visa was introduced as part of the attempts of the UAE to reform the country’s visas to attract more skilled migrants. Increasing the scale of the multi-entry tourist visa will increase the number of tourists arriving in Dubai.

Here’s a very relevant opinion on this plan under consideration amongst Dubai tourist body and UAE authorities:

“The five-year tourist visa response has been good, but right now it has been rolled out softly. We are working with authorities closely to ensure that we roll out on a much bigger scale very soon – because the multi-entry visa will again help us a lot (in terms of attracting tourists), especially with the nearby region,”
Issam Kazim, CEO of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing

How will the UAE tourist visa be scaled?

The key part of expanding the tourist visa is to make it more widely available, by even taking it outside the limits of specific markets and industries. After all, the visa is extremely helpful for residents in Dubai to bring their parents to visit them multiple times.

The aim is to make the visa so much available that people can apply for a five-year visa on the digital platform provided by Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

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