Can a woman who is divorced reside in the UAE with no Visa?


Here is a query from an Indian immigrant in the UAE and its answer:

Q: I am separating from my husband through a divorce and will get the apartment that we own. I will be staying in the UAE with my son. The apartment was purchased long back and is small. It is not worth obtaining a Property Visa.

I will not be sponsored by my ex-husband and he may exit the UAE. I have an Indian passport and cannot extend my Visa. Can I remain in the UAE?

A: The good news for you is that the UAE introduced a new Visa for divorced and widowed women in October 2018. It permits divorced and widowed woman as well as their kids to apply for a 1-year extension of the Residence Visa without a sponsor. The validity of the Visa is from date of divorce or death of the husband. It can be renewed only once.

There are conditions that apply. The husband must sponsor the woman and any kids at the time of divorce or death. The Visas must also be valid at that time. The residency period of the child must not exceed that of the mother.

The applications must be furnished through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs. This is in the applicable Emirate with diverse proofs. It includes evidence for divorce or death, a place to stay, a source of income and medical fitness certificates for those aged 18 and above.

Proof of medical insurance will be needed by residents of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The cancellation fee for cancellation of each existing Visa is DH100. Additional fee of Dh 100 will be charged for each new 1 year UAE Visas.

(Based on inputs from the National AE)

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