UAE is no more issuing the 6-month Jobseeker Visa now


UAE is no more issuing the 6-month Jobseeker Visa now which was available during the Visa amnesty period. The UAE Visa Amnesty Program ended on 31st December 2018.

The Amnesty Program allowed violators to alter their residency status in the country. They were allowed to either get a new sponsored Visa or get a 6-month temporary visa to look for employment.

The Amer and GDRFA centres in the UAE have been flooded with inquiries about the temporary visa. UAE officials have clarified that the temporary visa scheme ended with the amnesty program. There is no official announcement for the temporary visa scheme for unemployed residents as yet.

An official from the Amer Centre said that the 6-month visa was only available to people who had committed visa violation before 1st August 2018. The Amnesty Program ran from 1st August till 31st December giving violators an opportunity to legalize their visa status.

However, as per an announcement made by the UAE Cabinet last June, a new visa for job seekers may soon be introduced. The Cabinet had announced reforms for visitors, residents, and people who overstay their visas. A decision was taken to introduce a 6-month visa for people who overstay but wish to work in the country. UAE envisions the new temporary visa to uplift UAE’s reputation as a land of opportunities for talented people. An official announcement, however, is yet to be made.

The new legislative package would also contain a new insurance scheme for workers. The new scheme replaces the current deposit of Dh 3,000 per worker with a new Dh 60 insurance policy, as per Khaleej Times.

The new visa reforms will also allow people who overstay to leave the country without a “no entry” stamp on their passport. Violators who enter UAE unlawfully may be allowed to leave the country with a no entry stamp for 2 years if they provide a return ticket. Also, there will be no fee charged for adjusting or renewing a visa without the need to exit the country.

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