Reasons for Australian visa rejection are here

Reasons Australia PR rejection

While so many succeed in getting an Australian Permanent Residence, many more get rejected. Immigration Australia can be a lot better and a successful process for an aspiring migrant if the one knew why people fail at getting an Australian Permanent Residence.

The question “how to migrate to Australia?” can be answered wisely by listing the pitfalls one could avoid that leads to getting rejected. Some of the things to avoid to succeed in getting an Australia immigration PR are as follows:

  • Take care not to violate visa conditions. A few examples of violations are:
    • A person on a visitor visa working in Australia
    • A student who works more hours than allowed
    • A student who does not attend college or university
  • Do not give wrong or inconsistent information while applying for a visa. If you do, Australian authorities may refuse to grant you another visa from 3 to 10 years.
  • Know the minimum health requirements prescribed for applying for an Australian visa so that you don’t get rejected at the end of processing.
  • Do not fail the character test. The rule says that an applicant can be denied a visa if the applicant:
    • Has been sentenced to 12 months of imprisonment
    • Is facing an allegation
    • Has been arrested or charged with an offense against a minor or with domestic violence
    • Has been convicted in a drug-related case or an indecent assault
  • You will have to declare that you have sufficient funds while submitting an application. Or else you will have to establish an Assurance of support. If you can’t assure either of these or is in debt to the Commonwealth, your application for a visa will be rejected.
  • It’s essential to know the purpose you are trying to meet with your visa. If you apply for the wrong visa, it will get rejected. Entrust a professional immigration agent to do the job for you.
  • Visa requirements are many and depend on the type of visa that you are applying to. Get clarity on the requirements and make sure you meet them. Faltering here can lead to rejection of the application.

Upon rejection of an application, an applicant can make an appeal to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) within the stipulated time.

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